Thursday April 22, 2021
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About Show Jumping

Show Jumping

Provides an opportunity for all Members interested to compete against each other and to encourage a high standard of riding. All horses and ponies can experience the fun and excitement that Show Jumping can offer.

It can take place both indoors and outdoors and can be enjoyed all year round.The courses are made up of coloured fences which can be easily knocked down if they are hit. Competitors will get faults if they knock a fence down, stop at a fence (refuse) or run around a fence (run out).

If you manage to jump a clear round, you will go through to the jump-off. This is a shortened course which you have to jump as fast as you can as it is timed.The winner of a course is the horse and rider with the least faults and the fastest time in the jump-off.

Most Pony Club rallies usually include jumping, so this is a good place to see if you like it. Your Branch or Centre might hold a variety of competitions throughout the year which will include Show Jumping. When you feel confident enough, you can try your first Show Jumping Competition which are held all over the country at all different levels to suit you and your pony.