Thursday December 2, 2021
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Results 2018


1stMonmouthshire Monkeys (Holly, Phoebe, Eli & Millie)Welsh festival of Dressage
2ndMonmouthshire Meercats (Lily, Lucy, Darcey & Niamh)Regional Area Qualifier
5thMonmouthshire Monkeys (Holly, Phoebe, Jess & Lucy) Regional Area Qualifier
2ndNovice Team (Millie, Holly & Jemima)Novice Area Qualifier
1stIntermediate Team (Becky, Alice, Tara & Jemima)Intermediate Area Qualifier
Alice Livesey Open Area Qualifier
(Q)Tara AndersonOpen Area Qualifier
(Q)Lianne Edwards Open Area Qualifier
2ndGeorgie Williams Open Dengie Area
2ndGeorgie Williams Intermediate Dengie Area
2ndGeorgie Williams Intermediate Dengie Qualifier
1stAlice LiveseyIntermediate Dengie Qualifier
1stAlice LiveseyOpen Dengie Qualifier
3rdGeorgie Williams Open Dengie Qualifier

Show Jumping

3rdMHPC MeerkatsCroome PC 90cm
6thMHPC MeerkatsCroome PC 80cm
6thMeg YoemansCroome PC 70cm
1stMHPC MeerkatsCroome PC 70cm
1stMHPC MonkeysCroome PC 60cm
4thMeg YoemansCroome PC 60cm
6thLucy OliverDengie Debut Second Rounds
QualifiedLucy OliverDengie Debut
QualifiedHolly FlynnDengie Debut
QualifiedMillie ArnupDengie Debut
QualifiedBecky TodDengie Debut
QualifiedJess BerryDengie Debut


2ndGeorgie Williams Area 10 Open Eventing
3rd Holly ThomasArea 10 Novice Eventing
1stMillie ArnupArea 10 Regional Eventing
4thLucy OliverArea 10 Regional Eventing
6thHolly FlynnArea 10 Regional Eventing
QJess BerryArea 10 Regional Eventing


3rdSophie FlynnAscot Pony Racing
5thHolly FlynnAscot Pony Racing
3rdHolly FlynnPC Race Day @ Cheltenham

Mounted Games

5thSenior Team
(Tommy, Megan, Oliver, Sam & Becky)
Southern Zones
2ndSenior Team
(Tommy, Megan, Oliver, Sam & Becky)
Area Mounted Games
5thSenior Team
(Tommy, Megan, Oliver, Sam & Becky)
Royal Welsh Show

Efficiency Tests

D PassesLily Mather, Harry Collett, Bella Collett, Tyggy Cullum, Millie Smith-Francis
E PassesRueben Kennah
D+ PassesMegan Yeomans, Elinor North, Sam Hopkins, Lucy Edmunds

Achievement Badges

Horse ClothingRueben Kennah, Holly Hurd, Bella Collett, Tyggy Cullum, Raife Jones
Bandaging and RugsHarry Collett, Millie Smith-Francis, Tiggy Humphreys, Bryony Humphreys, Sophie Flynn, Darcey Young, Megan Yeomans, Niamh Barroll, Jessica Geffen, Elinor North, Clemmie Read
Mini Road RiderLily Mather, Harry Collett, Bella Collett, Tyggy Cullum, Millie Smith-Francis, Holly Hurd, Tiggy Humphreys, Rueben Kennah
Map ReadingDarcey Young, Holly Hurd, Sophie Flynn, Rueben Kennah
Dressage ArenasElinor North, Holly Hurd, Sophie Flynn, Jess Berry
WildlifeHolly Hurd, Lucy Edmunds, Elinor North