Thursday May 23, 2019
Rally Dates 2019

star4-2_e0    Please click on the link below for a list of rally dates    star4-2_e0

 Please do remember they are subject to change

Please Book all Rallies online with the payment tab.

If you cancel your place after the cut off date sorry but no refund will be given 

Late bookings will only be taken if there is space available and will be subject to a £5 surcharge. 

Rallies will start PROMPT at 7pm till 8.30pm

Please be ready to ride at 6.45pm

If, due to the weather or ground conditions a mounted rally is not advisable we will hold a unmounted  rally in Terragles hall , this decition will be posted on facebook and the website

In the event you are unsure please contact PC phone 07902210127

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                                                           Important message

Can everyone please when either arriving at the Garroch or leaving please please make sure you close both gates after yourselves . If the gate is open when you arrive or leave it shouldn’t be !! The person before you should have shut it so please don’t assume it should stay open . Obviously if there is a trailer directly behind then the last one in or out should close it .

Both the internal and Road gate must be shut every time for obvious safety reasons in case we get a loose horse or small children wandering down on the road .

Could I also ask for everyone to be aware of the rides that are going on and to make sure that any small children, dogs or adults don’t cross the arenas when rides are still going on . Please walk round .

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