Thursday December 7, 2023
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Well done to our Area Competitors and congratulations to :

Dressage Intermediate :    

Ellie Cowlard and Grapefruit Moon who have qualified for the Intermediate Dressage Championships







Prix Caprilli :

The team came 3rd in the tack and turn out

In their arenas – Jessica came 6th, Hannah came 7th,

Regionals Dressage :

In their arenas – Imogen came 9th, Charlotte came 12th, Hannah and Jessica both came 14th 

Regional Eventing :


well done to our Regional Eventers, Esther, Toby and Zoe.  Zoe and Esther have qualified to go to Regionals

Regional Show Jumping

well done to Zoe and Lollie who have both qualified to go to Regional Championships




Dressage and Prix Caprilli Area Competitions 2019 – to be held at BCA Equestrian Centre on July 21st

All tests can be downloaded via the links below.

Novice and Open Novice – Novice_Dressage_2019_Test_Sheet_(A4)

Intermediate – Intermediate_DR_2013_TS.3

Open – Open_Dressage_2019_Test_Sheet_(A4)

Prix Caprilli – PRIX CAPRILLI test 11 2019

Prix Caprilli Rules (same as last year) – PrixCapRules2019final

Regional Championships Dressage Test


Seemingly many new members and parents do not know or understand what the Prix Caprilli competition is all about.  Below is an explanation, kindly provided by Michael Auld.


The prix Caprilli tests were first created by the Riding Clubs and the first one would have been written in the early 1960’s. There were finally eleven tests.  They mark the skill of the rider and not the way the pony/horse moves.

Usually two small jumps are used (only test number four does not have any). Originally they were Caprilli jumps – hence the name of the test – named after Frederico Caprilli a teacher at the Italian cavalry schools of Tor di Quinto and Pinerolo.  He is usually credited with inventing the forward seat (his Il sistema).  Not so.  Long before him the Hungarian Hussars did, imitating the riders of the Russsian Steppes, the Sythians from central Asia, and the Persian Parthians et al.

The Prix Caprilli jumps were originally a single fixed offset pole on a cross at each end. When they were rotated on the crosses this raised or lowered the pole.  They were banned from use in the mid 1970’s because they were unsafe.  Now ordinary jumps are used or poles on blocks.

Prix Caprilli was started in Northern Home Counties as a quasi area competition in the early 1970’s.  It was at first run in October but in 1979 moved to June/July, the usual months for area competitions and is now run alongside the area dressage competition.

Although dropped by the Riding Clubs long ago it is now apparently a competition unique to area 12. The winners do not qualify for any further competition.  Area 12’s district commissioners have continued to support it as it gives younger rider a gentle introduction to a form of dressage.

All but one of the tests has been re-created after much research by Michael Raeside Auld. Test number one has, sadly, not been found and has yet to be re-discovered.






AREAS 2018




What fabulous dressage tests, show jumping and cross country rounds Charity Harrison-Greaves with Creevagh Millie and Caitlin Ellis with Jakob achieved on Sunday 22nd July.  Charity and Millie WON their section and will be off to the Championships.  Big well done girls.






Written by Sarah Gowling – NPC Areas Dressage Teams and Individual Instructor

Well what can I say ……… great things come in small packages …
One of the smallest Pony Clubs in Area 12 and we certainly made a dent in their prize givings!
Okay, buckle up boys and girls …..

Novice Dressage Team
Abbie – 66.04% and 9th in her Arena.
Ellie – 76.25% and 6th in her Arena
Charity – 72.08% and 3rd in her Arena.
Team came 6th!!! Fantastic.
It was super to see 3 established riders working in harmony with 3 talented horse.

Regionals Dressage Team
Esther – 64.17%
Imogen – 63.73%
Hannah – 59.38% Fozy took a dislike to the photographer!
Jasmin – 69.38%. WON HER CLASS, and has qualified for Keysoe Equestrian in the next few months to represent Northampton Pony Club!!!
Toby rode as an Individual – 61.25%.
Although the weather was challenging, I was so proud to see all of our riders working their ponies as individuals with a clear warm up plan, this is great preparation for the Novice Dressage in a year’s time. They were focused and rode their ponies like the professionals they are.

Prix Caprilli Team
Esther – 111. 1st in her Arena.
Jasmine – 106.5. 6th in her Arena.
Hannah – 101. 7th in her Arena.
Imogen – 134. 1st in her Arena ….. AND was the highest mark of the whole Prix Caprilli!!! Fantastic results all round.

SHOW JUMPING 23rd June 2018

NPC were represented by Ellie Cowlard and her new partner, Rico.  What a lovely horse.  Jumped clear in round 1 and 4 faults in round 2.  There were only about 8 clear rounds in total in round 2.  Ellie and Rico did us proud – well done.

Ellie and Rico




Regional SJ for website


Report by  Beca Finn, NPC Show Jumping coach

Well done to everyone at today’s Regional Show Jumping!

Caitlin for being a pro and qualifiying as an individual
Imogen for riding a most beautiful round
Hannah for being brave and giving it her best
Esther for giving a baby horse some good exposure and an education
Zoe for riding with maturity and giving Wendy the confidence she needs (and prob the best photo of the day!)
Ella for keeping her cool and being the most smiling rider

Onwards and Upwards