Thursday December 7, 2023
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CAMP 2021

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CAMP 2020


Due to Covid19 Government and Pony Club guidelines a residential camp was unable to take place this year.  Instead we ran a series of rallies leading up to a combined training day camp at Foxhill Farm on Sunday 23rd August 2020.  At the rallies points were awarded for turnout, most improved rider and most improved horse and these points were added to the points gained on the Sunday to go towards the final awards.  




Best Turned Out

1st               Hannah Woods and Betty [37.5 points]

Joint 2nd  Zoe Collett and Kit Kat Kate / Hannah Collett and Scarlett [26 points]

3rd              Olivia Harris and Ember [22 points]

4th              Charlotte Moore and Revvy [19 points]

5th              Amelie Rozenkranz and Caz [18 points]

6th              Leonie Rozenkranz and Pickles [16.5 points]

Most Improved Rider

Hannah Woods and Betty

Most Improved Horse

Revvy with Charlotte Moore

Combined Training Event

the event consisted of a dressage test and a show jumping round and was judged on harmony, rhythm, submission, rider’s influence, partnership and overall appearance.  The dressage score and show jumping faults came into play only in the event of a tie in marks.

1st     Charlotte Moore and Revvy

2nd    Leonie Rozenkranz and Pickles

3rd     Zoe Collett and Kit Kat Kate

4th     Hannah Collett and Scarlett

5th      Amelia Rozenkranz and Caz

6th      Hannah Woods and Betty


Camp 2019

Thursday 22nd August to Sunday 25 August 2019 at Foxhill Farm, Eydon



Sarah’s Group

COMBINED TRAINING Dressage and Show Jumping

1st  Hannah Collett and Scarlet

2nd  Imogen Surtees-Wheat and Matrix

3rd  Jessica Heffron and Rusty

Most Improved Rider : Charlotte Moore

Most Improved Horse :  Jazz

Beca’s Group

COMBINED TRAINING Dressage and Show Jumping

1st  Hannah Woods and Betty

2nd  Zoe Collett and Kate

3rd  Lollie de Jago and Stan

Most Improved Rider : Zoe Collett

Most Improved Horse :  Betty


Camp 2018

Friday 17th August [move in date] until Wednesday 22nd August 2018



Sarah’s Group

Tack and Turn Out – 1st Hannah W, 2nd Toby, placed Esther and Lottie

Most Improved Horse – Connie         Most Improved Rider – Hannah W

Becca’s Group

Tack and Turn Out – 1st Imogen, 2nd Zoe, placed Jasmin, Lolly and Ella

Most Improved Horse – Pax         Most Improved Rider – Imogen

Alison’s Group

Tack and Turn Out – 1st Lauren, 2nd Hannah C, placed Olivia and Poppy

Most Improved Horse – Chloe        Most Improved Rider – Poppy



Camp 2017 – 7th to 11th August

at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre

camp 1camp 2


Sarah’s Group

Competition :

1st   Imogen and Rusty

2nd  Lauren and Johnny

3rd  Ella and Amber

Most improved rider – Imogen

Most improved horse – Amber

Tack and turn out :

1st  Ella

2nd Lauren

3rd Imogen


Beca’s Group

Competition :

1st   Toby and Fronnie

= 2nd  Esther and Putin AND Jasmin and Fleur

4th  Zoe and Wendy

5th  Lolly and Barley

Most improved rider – Jasmin

Most improved horse – Barley

Tack and turn out :

1st  Toby

2nd Zoe

3rd Jasmin

4th Esther

5th Lolly


Alison’s Group

Competition :

1st   Hannah and Flame

2nd  Elodie and Snipe

3rd  Clara and Twinkle

4th  Daisy and Penny

Most improved rider – Daisy

Most improved horse – Snipe

Tack and turn out :

1st  Hannah

2nd Elodie

= 3rd Clara and Daisy







CAMP 2016 – 8th to 12th August

at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre

GeneralSarahs Group

Allisons GroupKellys Group

Jess GroupRachels Group

Beccas Group

Camp 2015 – 9th to 14th August


2015 Camp 1Camp 2015 2















Camp 2014

 held at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre


Senior Camp members were put into Teams for the duration of Camp for quizzes and the ODE Team Event.  Individual ODE marks were then put against their Camp Group and the ODE awards were made within their Groups:














Camp 2014 Collage 2