Wednesday March 22, 2023
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Guide to Rally Booking, Info and Times

Booking for rallies is on-line, using the new system here is the link:

Rally and Event Booking System.

All rally and event bookings have moved to the NCHPC website.. The system is self-explanatory but may not allow you to book via a tablet or hand-held mobile devices.

Go to the North Cornwall Hunt Branch of The Pony Club website and click on the “Events Listing” tab:

  1. 1. Enter the amount of entries in the main box and then click ‘book now’ before going to the checkout basket on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Follow the Instructions on your screen. you may have to scroll down to find the ‘continue’ button as it sometimes does not fit on the page shown.

3.The form expects something in every box so please answer all the questions especially for Entry of classes. If the question is not applicable to you just put “None, N/A or X” in the box otherwise it will not allow you to complete the booking/entry.

  1. Where it asks for “parent” details this is only required for those under 18yrs, either do as (3) or put in next of kin details, very useful if you are attending an event alone.
  2. During the final part of the booking process you will be directed to the PayPal page. Please be patient, as it can often take longer than the stated 30 seconds!
  3. Very Important: Please check that you get a confirmation email from If you do not, it means that your payment has not been processed successfully. Any unpaid bookings/entries will not be honoured unless you have made alternative arrangements regarding payment.

Info on Rallies

Rally times are emailed a couple of days before the event.

Please turn out tidily for rallies. The correct turnout can be found on the Rules, Regulations and Dress Code page of this website.

If after sending in your entry,  you find you need to change the horse or pony entered, please can you let Becky or Anita know. This is because we enter the rally details on the database. If you wish to go on to represent your branch at Area Competitions, possibly then going on to the Pony Club Championships, you and your horse or pony need to have completed at least three rallies in the current year. We need this information to help you!