Wednesday October 17, 2018

Turnout for Rallies

We continue to strive to improve the standard of turnout of our members.  Here is a guide as to what to wear.

  • Members are expected to wear a white or blue shirt with a pony club tie with either Pony Club sweatshirt or hacking jacket and cream jodhpurs. These should be worn tidily i.e. shirts tucked in, collars done up and ties tightened up to collar.
  • Long hair should be tied up in a hair net as it may be trodden on or caught up if you fall.
  • Jodhpur boots must be black or brown and should be clean.
  • Chaps must be the same colour as your Jodhpur boots.
  • Jewellery should not be worn, especially earrings as they are dangerous if caught. (you will be asked to remove them) Newly pierced ears should be taped.  For competitions NO jewellery is allowed and members with newly pierced ears are not allowed to compete until they can remove the sleepers i.e. taping is not allowed.
  • The correct standard hat is mandatory and must be tagged.  A black or navy blue hat silk may be worn.
  • When representing the Branch turnout should be immaculate and Pony Club ties or stocks should be worn.  Stock show shirts are NOT acceptable.  You should refer to the individual rulebook of each discipline, which can now be viewed on The Pony Club website, for more detailed turnout rules or ask the respective Team Manager.
  • Numnahs and girths should be brown, white or black.  Any piping around the edge should be of the same colour.
  • You will find other NCHPC clothing available to purchase from Mrs Nadine Pinchin.  Children are encouraged to buy NCHPC rain jackets, but it is not compulsory.  Any dark coloured outer coat is acceptable.