Showjumping Area 7 Results! 90cm-100cm

Team third today for Lilli , Reese , Ellie and Harriet today in the 90cm today
And an amazing Individual 1st for Harriet again for the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) year running! 🥳
The other 90cm team of Archie, Joanna and Thalia won the tack and turnout !
Well done everyone, the 100’s rode a tough course and sadly not placed but all jumped really well.
It’s been a long and successful day so big thanks and well done to all riders but a special big thanks to Liz Grindal who has not only been there since first thing but also been actively involved with all the team organisation and constantly on the end of of a whassap message from the team managers !
Also big thanks to Claire for being team coach today! Massively appreciated by all .
That’s areas over for another year, I think it will take us till next year to recover