We would like to offer prospective Area competitors the opportunity to attend a 2 day competitors camp at RECTORY FARM on 30th and 31st May in half term.  This is being offered to those competing in Tetrathlon,  Show Jumping and Eventing.  It is possible that we may be able to accommodate those wanting to do Dressage only, with dressage and polework sessions only, but it will depend on groups and who applies, so this cannot be guaranteed. So we would like to hear from our Dressage riders too if they are interested.
This is initially being offered to those at Grassroots level (80cm) and above, but depending on the take up might be offered down to the new 70cm level as well.
Attendees would need to be able to confirm that they are available for their Area and Championship dates.
  • 4 ridden sessions – XC, show jumping and dressage.
  • unmounted mentoring and team building exercises
  • unmounted lectures
  • all catering – lunch and supper on day 1, breakfast and lunch on day 2
  • stabling for 1 night
The costs would be subject to final numbers but  we would hope to be in the region of £200.
Before we go any further planning this camp we need to know how many would be interested.  A registration point has been set up on Unity for you to let us know that this is something you would like us to put on for you. 
So that we can secure the date we need a fast initial response to decide if there is enough interest. 
Registration of interest will close on Sunday 20th November.