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The SJ Results ARE IN!!!

We congratulate you for the amount of training and effort that everyone has put into this competition and a special thank you for representing NWPC – you are all amazing competitors and everyone is proud of your achievements.  

Please remember that every single ride is an achievement – horses (as well as humans) can have off days – so EVERY TIME you go over a starting line you have achieved and learned something new. 

Well done to all our members. Here are the results:

Pony Club Results: NWPC Hosted SJ 16th October 2022

Showjumping Area 7 Results! 90cm-100cm

Team third today for Lilli , Reese , Ellie and Harriet today in the 90cm today
And an amazing Individual 1st for Harriet again for the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) year running! 🥳
The other 90cm team of Archie, Joanna and Thalia won the tack and turnout !
Well done everyone, the 100’s rode a tough course and sadly not placed but all jumped really well.
It’s been a long and successful day so big thanks and well done to all riders but a special big thanks to Liz Grindal who has not only been there since first thing but also been actively involved with all the team organisation and constantly on the end of of a whassap message from the team managers !
Also big thanks to Claire for being team coach today! Massively appreciated by all .
That’s areas over for another year, I think it will take us till next year to recover

Showjumping Area 7 Results! 50cm-70cm

5 teams went to the area SJ to contest the new 50, 60 and 70 challenge classes, and 5 teams completed!!! I couldn’t be more proud of them all for the way they rode, supported each other, and pulled together as teams through what really was a VERY long day! 🥰
NWPC Buttons kicked off with Darcey, Isla, Austin and Sophie in the 50, with the team finishing 5th, and Austin taking 5th individually as well.
NWPC Smarties and Skittles churned out 6 clear rounds! Our Smarties Myla, Larni, Ava and Sophie finished 3rd with Larni 9th individually, and Skittles Eleanor, Isla and Darcey hot on their heels in 4th! Top job girls!
Next up the 70s… NWPC Jelly Beans, with all combinations being at their first ever Areas and being relatively inexperienced at this level, jumped 3 clears and just 4 faults in round 1, and all gave round 2 their absolute best shot. Couldn’t be more proud of them all.
Finally NWPC Minstrels, Sam, Lola, Freddie and Austin made it through the first two rounds with 3 clears per round, then another 3 in the jump off between them, WINNING the 70 team competition!!! Individually Sam also finished 6th, and Freddie 10th. Super long day for these guys who I suspect haven’t long been home! Absolutely amazing effort and teamwork!!! 🤩
Big thanks to all our supportive parents, coaches, the many wonderful ponies we have in NWPC, and to Liz who was on site all day from 8 till 8 and supported each and every team at all levels! Looking forward to next year when the 70s will be a qualifier!