Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Annual Residential Camp

NWK PC Camp combined with Eridge PC. 

What a camp!

This years camp joining with Eridge. It is safe to say every member had an amazing week. 

A shout out must go to the epic camp t-shirts each member got given! Split into 4 team colours, each team was given a challenge to create their own video to show their Olympic talents. Each group did a fab job and if you get the opportunity to speak with a member who went to camp, you should definitely ask them to see their camp video! 

Each rider and horse combination came away having learnt lots.

Scroll further down to see pictures and a guide to what camp is like.


What camp involves

Facilities include:

  • Bunk bed accomodation, rooms of 2 or a dorm. 
  • Large dining hall and a spacious hall for activities.
  • Dressage arenas
  • Jumping arena
  • Polework area 
  • Cross country course

We really are very lucky in the facilities we have at Ardingly. 

Last  year’s camp ran from Monday 19thAugust to Friday 23rd August 2019 and it is safe to say that everyone had a brilliant time. 

Whether this will be your first camp or you’re returning again, everyone is made to feel extremely welcome and is supported by the amazing camp family. 

 Morning duties and scrubbing ponies clean is all made worth while by the many riding activities.


 Show jumping, flatwork, pole work, cross country and gymkana games take the formal part of the riding. 



There really is something for you! Groups are at a maximum of six and are split according to ability.


Due to our careful consideration of rider and horse ability/fitness/confidence etc. you may not always be in the same group for flatwork as you are for show jumping and/or cross country. 

We have two cross country sessions in  the week. Usually these are Tuesday and Thursday. We aim to make it as enjoyable as possible and we have something for everybody. A water complex, steps, the quarry and more. On these days we try and make the other sessions slightly less demanding for both riders and ponies. This is usually the time that care sessions comes into place.


We are very lucky to have had some amazing, fun and educational visitors to camp. This is ranging from a driving team, where members got to have a go around a course of cones. We have had saddlers and some of our very successful ex members including show jumper Ruby Fry come and give us talks and show us what they do. 

On the cross country, eventer Adam Tru came to wow us by giving us a very insightful demonstration. 






Evening activities are a critical part of camp and sees the epic Pony Club Sports Night. This often consists of many water balloons. We have also had dressage to music three legged style and the last night disco. But most importantly lots of giggles.  


Details will be out shortly for camp 2020