Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Rally Dress Code
The following is the dress code expected of members at Pony Club rallies. The Pony Club is an old traditional organisation and it favours correct plain dress.
We understand that new members may not be perfect at their first rally! If you have any questions please give a committee member a call. For information on where to buy any branch clothing please follow the link to that tab.

The Rider 

– Hat to be worn with chinstrap done up at all times. Plain black or navy hat silks. At your first rally a Pony Club official will need to tag your hat to show that it complies with the Pony Club requirements in standard – no checking of the fit or condition of the hat is implied. It is considered the responsibility of the member’s parent or guardian to ensure that the hat fits in line with manufacturer’s guidelines. We recommend using a qualified hat fitter when purchasing your hat.
Please see The Pony Club Hat Rules for 2018 to see if your hat is Pony Club legal.
– Branch Clothing should be worn to rallies. Long sleeves are compulsory for XC rallies.
– Plain coloured gloves.
– Pony Club badge with appropriate test felt.
– Body Protectors must be worn at any XC rally. If riders choose to wear an air jacket they can only do so in addition to a normal body protector. 
– Jodhpurs – plain colours with no patterns
– Footwear – jodhpur boots, preferably with jodhpur clips if without half chaps/gaiters or long riding boots (black or brown).
– Half chaps – may be worn but must be the colour of the boots worn and without tassles. No full length chaps.
– No jewellery including sleeper earrings to be worn. Wrist watches and stock pins are allowed.
– Long hair must either tied neatly back or in a hairnet. No hair clips under the hat.
– Spurs may only be worn by members with their B test or with the permission of the DC

Your horse or pony

The Pony Club is a very traditional organisation so all tack should be black or brown.
– Horse and ponies should be healthy, clean and well groomed with feet well trimmed or shod.
– No ponies under 4 yrs, infirm through old age, or heavily in foal.
– Stallions can only be ridden at rallies with the permission of their DC and must wear identifying discs. 
– Tack should be well fitting, clean and in good condition (regularly check your stitching on stirrup leathers, etc).
– Stirrups should be the correct size for rider’s boots (1/4″ clearance either side).
– Numnah, girth and brushing boots – plain colours, preferably black, brown, navy or white