Thursday November 30, 2023
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Old Berkeley Hunt (Hughenden) Branch

OBH Hughenden Branch of the Pony Club provides a fun, friendly environment for young people to learn and develop riding skills and knowledge in horse and pony care. There are lots of opportunities as a member (and parent!) to get involved including organised fun rallies, training in dressage, show jumping, cross country and pleasure rides all with certified instructors and experienced committee members and helpers.

There is also an opportunity to represent the club by competing in various disciplines as a team or individual at area and championship level and we have recently enjoyed great success at these competitions! 


Below is a wider selection of images of several of our members either out competing or at rallies, all having a great time! 

We cater all age groups, from the ‘mini’s’ – our youngest member is just 4 years old – up to ‘senior plus’ – our eldest member at camp this year was 25 and has attended over 18 years of camp!






Based around High Wycombe and Hughenden Valley in Buckinghamshire, the branch was founded in 1968. It was created when OBH (West) branch was divided into two, the other becoming OBH (Chilterns). Hughenden Manor, the home of the 19th Century prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, is within the branch’s patch, hence its part in the name. 

OBH (Hughenden) Branch of the Pony Club is in Area 12. To find out more about what The Pony Club does on a national scale please visit their website at

Please feel free to browse our site or contact our committee members to find out more, we would love to welcome you to our Branch!


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