Wednesday October 27, 2021
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Welcome to Old Berkeley Hunt North Branch of the Pony Club

Based in Sarratt, Hertfordshire, OBH North is part of Pony Club Area 12

Established in 1959 OBH North has always been a very active branch with over 60 members, whose ages range from 4 to 18.  Some members are very competitive in dressage, jumping, eventing, mounted games and tetrathlon, while others just enjoy riding, looking after their ponies the companionship that being in a club offers.  We run a wide range of activities throughout the year, which include Summer camp, rallies, competitions, tests and achievement badges, horse and pony care and social activities.

Various Pony Club tests can be taken which measure the children’s riding ability and general knowledge regarding the care and stable management of their horses and ponies.  

OBH North Thelwell’s Club  

The aim of the Thelwell’s club is to encourage our members to have fun with their ponies and make new friends.  The Thelwell’s section is aimed at all levels of young rider from the very beginner through to our older members.  From picnic rides, treasure hunts, pony care & pizza sessions, mounted and unmounted games, fun show jumping and much more, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. 



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Upcoming activities   


Achievement Badges

The Pony Club offers Mini Achievement Badges for younger Members’ as well as both equine and non-equine Achievement Badges, Competition Badges and Intro Competition Badges.

Mini Achievement Badges

There are 22 mini badges that our youngest members can be awarded and there are regular rallies throughout the year offering dismounted education towards these badges. The mini badges are designed to instil the basic principles of the main achievement badge topics that are available to older children. 

Equine Achievement Badges

There are 35 Equine Achievement badges, including two new badges aimed at higher levels (C+ and above). They are heptagon shaped, to help distinguish them from the circular badges aimed at slightly lower levels.

Non-Equine Achievement Badges 

There are 14 Non-Equine Achievement badges. These include bird watching, pets, fire marshal, knots, camping, fundraising and pet sense to name a few.

Competition and Intro to Competition Badges

These are aimed at the full range of equine disciplines from show jumping, eventing and dressage to mounted games, polo and tetrathlon there are nine in total to be earned.

Follow the link below to view the full range: Achievement Badges  

We have a full calendar of events which include members only competitions such as indoor show jumping and dressage, as well as open competitions including our open show, eventing and mini eventing competitions.  The highlight of many members’ year is our Summer Camp.

Test Training  &  Competitions 





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