Wednesday January 26, 2022
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Prospective Area Team Members


To be considered as an Area team member you must be available for the Championship dates this is in case of team qualification at Area level and fairness to other team members.

Pony Club policy states that rider and horse combinations intended to be ridden at Area Level MUST have attended at least three WORKING RALLIES together.

OBH(North) hold many rallies a year and expect members to have attended AT LEAST THREE rallies (three of them MUST BE ON their intended Area team horse). Rallies (NOT training) are counted from the camp of the previous year which counts as one rally. The requisite amount of rallies must be completed by June 1st 2020. (This is a tighter date for PPC combinations as the Area competition is usually earlier in the year around April/May so rallies must be attained by beginning of April 2020)

Please be aware that if rider has multiple ponies, all need to have attended THREE rallies with same rider to be eligible for an Area team in that discipline.  The intention is to have the most committed OBH(N) Branch members selected as Area team candidates for all disciplines in 2019, showing they are dedicated Pony Club members and loyal to a representative team event. With these attributes in mind members are requested to;

a) Compete at our own Branch held competitions, events and activities showing an all round commitment to our Branch ;
b) Compete regularly at events at the appropriate level in the discipline’s they are interested in;

c) Inform each discipline manager of all their results on the Results Sheet provided by 1st June 2020

d) Attend and help and support at as many Branch events and activities as they can, what ever the discipline.

e) Have read and understood the rules of each discipline, ensuring the horse and rider are eligible to compete at that level.

f) Be available for the respective dates of the Championships in 2020 and be prepared for the personal expense involved.

g) Provide the name and contact details of a person over 18 yrs who is available to cross country fence judge for the Area Eventing and Area Tetrathlon competitions.

(Each Branch in our Area is expected to provide four XC jump judges for both the Area Eventing and Area Tetrathlon competitions. This year because the Eventing and Tetrathlon are running over the same course on the same day only 4 XC judges are required to fulfil our Branch obligation to these Area competitions. If we cannot fulfil that obligation as a Branch we will not send teams in those disciplines. Last year we were very lucky in that those who offered to XC jump judge were in fact not needed on the day for the Area Eventing, so it is safe to assume, we definitely will need volunteers for the competition this year!)

h) If the team(s) or any individual(s) qualify at the Area competitions for any discipline; Eventing , Show Jumping and Dressage the Championships at all levels ie Novice, Intermediate and Open are being held in Cheshire at Cholmondeley Castle. The Tetrathlon Championships for Open, intermediate and Juniors is in Hull; and you MUST be available to attend whichever Championships you qualify for.

Please also be aware of the heights and technical complexities of these events.
Eventing equates to the following;

Pony Club Area Novice = BE 90

Pony Club Area Intermediate = BE 100

Pony Club Area Open = BE Novice
Show Jumping Area Novice starts at 90 cms with second round reaching 95 cms Novice Championship first round starts at 95cms and second round maximum is 100 cm

Show Jumping Area Intermediate starts at 100 cms with second round reaching 105 cms Intermediate Championship first round starts at 105 cms and second round maximum is 110 cm

Show Jumping Area Open starts at 105 cms with second round reaching 110 cms Open Championship first round starts at 115 cms and second round maximum is 120 cm

All members who make themselves available for selection for Area teams in all disciplines, are expected to attend any Area Training organised. In countenance those attending Area Team training for all disciplines are expected to make themselves available for the Area team in that discipline should they be selected and entries submitted for the Pony Club Championships without having represented the Branch at Area level in that discipline will not be supported.

Any further information can be found on our own OBH(N) website and on the Pony website along with copies of all the rule books