Saturday August 13, 2022

IMPORTANT – Please read if you are intending to compete at either Regional or Area competitions this Summer

Your Pony MUST be vaccinated within 6 months and 21 days and NOT 7 days prior to the qualifying rounds & the Championships – stop checks will be carried out daily at the Championships by the vets on duty.

This works out that the booster should be given any time from 1st February 2022 but not within the 7 days prior to the day of competing. This would also cover them for all area/qualifying competitions for the Championships.

The minimum time a horse/pony that has not previously been vaccinated or needs to start again due to a lapse in the administration of the vaccination is 28 days.

Wed 13th July primary injection, 21days later 2nd injection 3rd August and compete on 11st August (first day of Champs). Vaccination rule

Stop checks will be carried out daily at the Championships by the dedicated Vet using a scanner to identify the equine and looking at the passport.


ARE YOUR STIRRUPS COMPLIANT? – Pony Club have clarified the rules relating to stirrups – We have updated the tack section to clarify this Please click HERE to double check you are compliant!

HAT RULES HAVE CHANGED!!  – From 1st January 2023 your hat may not be allowed for PC activities! ALL MEMBERS will need their hats to be checked and tagged. To check if your hat is 2023 compliant visit the hat rules section of the website