Thursday October 6, 2022

The main Pony Club website has a great deal of information for parents – click

Role of Parents / Guardians – Code of Conduct

Members Insurance

RULES for hats body protectors and air jackets


There are two different types of Rally:

MOUNTED INSTRUCTION – members are instructed in flatwork, jumping, cross country and mounted games.

STABLE MANAGEMENT (dismounted) – training is given on Horse & Pony care and management.


The Pony Club Standards of Efficiency start with E Test and progress up through D, D+, C, C+, B, B+, Lunge Test, AH & A.  AH and A are the highest level in the Pony Club and only those who show exceptional ability are likely to pass.  These tests are not compulsory, but most members like to have an indication of their progress.  A test certificate and coloured felt are awarded for each standard.  

There is also are progressive Road Rider Tests linked into the Efficiency Tests, we advocate that all riders should wear reflective clothing when riding on the roads.  We also support the work of the Chess Valley Bridleways Association, who maintain several off-road riding tracks in the area.   


The Branch holds a very popular Daily and Intermediate Camp in the summer, which is run over 4 days.  Our Senior members, aged 16 and over, may go away for a Senior Residential Camp.


The Branch runs competitions throughout the year and they are designed for riders of all standards.  Teams at Inter-branch, and at Area and National levels, also represent the Branch.  SPONSORSHIP for our events is often required – anyone who can offer us help in this way will be much appreciated.


From May to July we hold evening rallies, full details are available in the OBH North Programme.

Special training sessions are run for Mounted Games, Tetrathlon, Show Jumping, Dressage and Prix Caprilli and Cross Country throughout the year. If you are not chosen for a team, don’t be discouraged, come and support the rest and try again next year.  


We hold our annual Awards for all members, parents and supporters usually in January, this is an opportunity to get together and have around up of the years activities and to present our awards.  


We have held Quizzes and Race Nights in the past and ideas for other fundraisers are always welcome – the funds help us to provide good facilities, instruction and equipment for all 

HELPING your branch

We hold several rallies, shows, internal competitions and camp throughout the year, all of which take quite some time to organise. We are always very grateful for ANY assistance from members and their parents.  This includes moving jumps, course building, towing, catering and CLEARING UP when everyone else has gone home.  The Committee really appreciates any offers of help.