Wednesday January 26, 2022
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Times for Showjumping Rally with Alice Sweeney on Sunday 30th January at Amersham Dressage.
10am -11am – First Aider – Holly Arnott
Lilly cumber Rocky
Grace Arnott Jack
May Mooney Freddie
11am – 12pm – First Aider Holly Arnott
Amelie-Rose Daniels Harry
Farrah Dean Poppy
Robert Arnott Carlo
Phoebe Peake Star
Isabella Duke Bramble
12pm-1pm – First Aider Alison Dippenaar
Rory Johnston Gort
Amelie Rogers Sammy
scarlett dippenaar kelly
Harry Collins Elmo
1pm – 2pm – First Aider Helen Parry
Gracie mitchell Toby
Millie Parry Vandal
faith dippenaar jazz
Amy Parry Charlie
Lola Kay Fox Mr Pepper Pot
Show Jumping Rally with Lisa Keys – Saturday 22nd January at Red Lion Farm:
11am -12pm – First Aider Holly Arnott
Grace Arnott Jack
Nancy Young Dolly
Elizabeth Lawrence Finn
May Mooney Freddie
12pm -1pm – First Aider Christine Hern
Leah McLeod  Cully 
James Hern  Boy
Sophie Marii-Metuarii Alex
1pm-2pm – First Aider Laura MacQueen
Phoebe Peake  Oatfield Star
Becky hern Archie 
Finlay Macqueen  Charlie
Badge Session Sunday 16th January at 1pm – 2.30pm at Cherry Trees Farm, Off Finch’s Avenue, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, Herts,WD3 4LN.
Please wear normal Rally clothing including riding / yard boots and bring your hat and gloves.
Seb rogers
Scarlett D
Amelie R
Amelie RD
Times for Flat work Rally at Cross Lanes Farm – Sunday 16th January 2022:
9am – 10 am – First Aider Helen Mooney    
Amelie Rogers 10 Sammy   
Farrah Dean  10 Poppy   
Harry Collins 9 Elmo  
Rory Johnston 8 Gort  
10am – 11am – First Aider Helen Mooney / Stephanie Ward      
Finley Fox 7 Roo  
Holly Szemere 7 Kelly  
Ava-Grace Moir 6 Casper  
Connie Casadei 6 Tutti Frutti  
11am – 12pm – First Aider Holly Arnott    
Lilly  15 Rocky  
Isabella Duke 15 Bramble  
Grace Arnott 12 Jack  
Danielle Ward 12 Cassidy  
Amelie-Rose Daniels 12 Harry  

Rally times for Show Jumping Rally Saturday 11th December at Cross Lanes Farm:

10.15am – 11am – First Aider Steph Ward    
30cm – 50cm Danielle Ward   Cassidy
30cm – 50cm Kitty Pritchard   Luna
11am – 12pm – First Aider Steph Ward    
X Poles – 30cm Rory Johnston    Willow 
X Poles – 30cm Sebby Rogers    Sammy 
X Poles – 30cm Connie Casadei   Tutti Fruitie
X Poles – 30cm Holly Szemere   Kelly
X Poles – 30cm Ava-Grace Moir   Willow 
12pm – 1pm – First Aider Christine Hern / Laura MacQueen  
50cm-70cm   Farrah dean   Poppy
50cm-70cm   Phoebe Peake   Star
50cm-70cm   Becky Hern   Archie
50cm-70cm   Finlay MacQueen   Charlie
1pm – 2pm – First Aider – Holly Butcher    
70cm  – 80cm Lilly Cumber   Rocky
70cm  – 80cm Maddy. Wheatley   Phoenix 
70cm  – 80cm Leah Mcleod   Piggy
70cm  – 80cm Edie Butcher   Berrie
70cm  – 80cm Olivia wheatley    Barney

Rally times for  Saturday 4th December Flat work rally with Alice Sweeney at Cross Lanes Farm:

10am -11am – First Aider Stephanie Ward
Lola Kay Fox Mr Pepper Pot
Danielle Ward Cassidy
Sienna Tinkerbelle
Edie Butcher  Berrie
11am – 12pm – First Aider Stephanie Ward / Holly Butcher
Rory Johnston Gort
Sebby Rogers Sammy
Connie Casadei Tutti Fruitie
Ava-Grace Moir Willow
12pm – 1pm – First Aider – Holly Butcher
Farrah dean Poppy
Finlay MacQueen Charlie
Savannah Peake Rupert
Phoebe Peake Star

Rally Times for Grid work Rally with Alice Sweeney at Cross Lanes Farm on Saturday 6th November:

9.45am – 10.30am  
Rory Johnson Gort
Connie Casadei Tutti Fruitie
Sebby Rogers  Sammy 
10.30am – 11.00  
Danielle Ward Cassidy
Rosie Oneill Kizzie
11am – 12pm  
Nancy Young Dolly Dun It
Maddy Phoenix 
Leah McLeod  Piglet 
Alayna Khan Stan
Frankie Trueman William 
Phoebe Peake Star
Lola Kay Fox  Mr Pepper Pot 
1pm – 2pm  
Ilis Butcher Wooly
Finlay Macqueen  Misty
Maddison trueman  Lu lu
Ava Khan Diva
Farrah dean Poppy 
2pm – 3pm  
Edie Butcher Berrie
Ellie Turner Eddie
Sienna Moth
Abi Turner Charm
Rally times for Flat work Rally – Wednesday 27th October with Alice in the Camp Field:
12.30 pm – 1.30pm – First Aider Helen Mooney
Lilly Cumber rocky
Leah McLeod  Piglet 
May Mooney Freddie
Izzy Duke Bramble
1.30pm – 2.30pm – First Aider – Helen Mooney
Amelie Rogers  Sammy 
Savannah Peake Rupert 
Phoebe Peake Star
Amelie-Rose Daniels Harry


Rally Times for Sunday 24th October – Showjumping with Alice Sweeney in the Camp Field:

30cm – 50cm –  12.30-1.30pm –  First Aider Stephanie Ward
Amelie rogers Sammy  
Danielle Ward Cassidy  
Faith Dippenaar Vandal  
Scarlett Dippenaar Kelly  
50cm-70cm – 1.30pm – 2.20pm – First Aider Holly Butcher
Faith Dippenaar Jazz  
Ilis Butcher Wooly  
Izzy Duke Bramble  
Phoebe Peake Star  
70cm  + – 2.30-3.30pm – First Aider Holly Arnott
Edie Butcher Berrie  
Grace Arnott Jack  
Saskia Flood Gort  
Robert Arnott Carlo