Thursday December 8, 2022

Please note that once the rally times have been published we are unable to give a refund.


10th December – Clipping Badge with Catherine Cawdron at Moor Lane House:

Don’t forget your hat and gloves!


Matilda Dumbleton

Edie Butcher

Madison Curreri

Grace Arnott

May Mooney

Izzy Warmington

Izzy Duke

Olivia Tyler

Rosie O’Neil

Nancy Young

Amy Poulton

11th December – Arena XC with Hayley Godwin at Manor Farm Kingsey, HP17 8LU.

Please ensure you are tacked up and ready to ride before the start of your slot. No fixed Peak hats! Body Protectors must be worn.


10am – 11.30am – First Aider Helen Parry
Olivia parry  Mojo   
Nancy Young  Savannah  
Rosie oneill Eddie  
11.30am -1pm – First Aider Helen Mooney
Amy parry Charlie   
Millie parry Pip   
Izzy Warmington Piglet  
May Mooney Freddie  
1pm – 2.30pm – First Aider Melanie Johnston
Matilda Dumbleton Cracker  
Erin Fox Roo  
Olivia Tyler Olivia Tyler  
Rory Johnston  Gort