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OBH North Branch TEAMS

One of the highlights of a Pony Club career is being selected to represent your Branch at important team competitions.  This is an honour for any member.  Many skills are learnt whilst being a team member; how to interact and respect others, the importance of being a ‘team player’ etc.  At OBH North we place great emphasis on being part of a team and we choose those members very carefully after much discussion between the DC, the Chief Instructor and the Team Co-ordinator and /or Discipline Manager.

We follow several guidelines when selecting team members:

Does the member want to be part of a team?

Is the combination (equine and rider) competing at the right level?

What are the current results/form of the combination?

Is the member actively participating in Pony Club activities?

Is the member a good ‘team player’, will they support others if needed?

Will the member put every effort into their turnout at a competition?

Is the condition of the equine right for the job in hand?

The pressure of being a team member will not suit every child and some members ask not to be put into a team which is perfectly understandable.  Those members that are selected are expected to be immaculately turned out, help and support other members of their team and represent our Branch to the best of their ability.  Any unseemly behaviour or rudeness will result in automatic de-selection.

Team Selection


OBJECTIVE OF SELECTION GUIDELINES To guide selection of Teams in a fair, equitable and transparent way. The Selection Guidelines apply to the selection of riders / teams for the following competitions:-

  • Inter Branch Show Jumping
  • All Area Competitions
  • Regionals
  • Blenheim Eventer Challenge
  • Windsor Branch Nominations

SELECTION PANEL The selection panel will comprise of the following:-

  • District Commissioner
  • Assistant DC
  • Chief Instructor
  • Associated discipline Team Manager

Advice and guidance may be obtained from the associated discipline team coach/trainer. If anyone of the Selectors is either the parent / legal guardian, a relation or has privately trained any rider who is being considered for selection they must not take part in the selection decision involving that individual. The long list of selected riders for each competition (selected riders plus reserves) can be available upon request.

ELIGIBILITY / AVAILABILITY FOR CONSIDERATION Full eligibility rules should be referenced in the associated Pony Club Discipline Rule Book. Each Rider/Parent is responsible for ensuring they understand and comply with the PC Discipline Rule Book and are eligible for selection. The DC is responsible for ensuring that all riders/horses selected are fully eligible to compete at their nominated level at the close of entries. Riders applying for consideration for selection MUST ensure their availability for the dates of the respective competition they are applying for, and associated Championship should they qualify. Eligibility Rules 2018

SELECTION CRITERIA The Selectors reserve the right not to send a team or individual to any competition.

  • Combinations should be actively and successfully competing within the discipline at the associated level, with visible results.
  • Recent form will take priority. Past form at major and team events may be taken into consideration by the Selectors.
  • Combinations should have attended rallies and any organised team training sessions preceding the selection date. Exceptions are at the discretion of the DC, where attendance is not possible due to work or school commitments.

APPROACH Riders need to register their interest in being considered for teams by completing the appropriate forms that will be available at the Annual AGM in January and at the ‘Team Information’ talk on dates given early in the calendar year. Specific discipline training sessions aim to commence March/April of each year and will be open to all riders working at the defined level. From May of each year specific Team Training sessions will be held and priority will be given to those members who are being considered for selection. The long list of riders for each competition will be selected by the Selection Panel by close of entries and riders will be informed by letter of their selection.

CONFIDENTIALITY It is vitally important for the integrity of the Selection Guidelines and those involved in its application both as riders, owners, selectors or other officials, that there is at all times a high degree of confidentiality relating to information which may have a bearing on selection.

TEAM SPIRIT Team spirit is of utmost importance OBH(N) expects riders and their supporters to have good attitude and participate in all the required activities within the Branch, either riding or helping. A high level of commitment to all the varied aspects for the preparation process is important.

FITNESS Although good results in competitions are important, the onus is on the riders not to over campaign their horses / ponies. It is important that riders plan ahead so they and their horse / pony are in the best form for the designated Competition.

FINANCE OBH(N) will cover 50% of entry fees for all Area and related Championship competitions, the other 50% of the entry fees, all travel costs, stabling and accommodation are the responsibility of the rider/parent . All other competitions will be entirely self-funded by riders/parent.

RULES All selected riders agree to abide by the rules of the competition at all times.

SUBSTITUTION The Selectors may substitute a team member for a reserve between the announcement of the Team up to the start of competition. However the reason for a substitution must only be because either there is a strong veterinary case for substitution or the performance of the Team member has dropped off to such an extent that for the success of the Team a substitution is vital. The latter situation will almost certainly occur as a result of a veterinary problem which it may or may not be possible to define given the time/resources available at the time. If the decision is made to change a team member for a reserve then this issue must be handled in a very sensitive and sympathetic manner. Where a substitute team member is necessary for a team qualified for the Pony Club National Championships or Grassroots Finals a member will be selected, ideally,  from those who competed in the qualifying rounds.

VETERINARY / MEDICAL Long listed riders must notify the DC or Assistant DC of any change in their own health or fitness status, or their horse / pony health status or veterinary / medical management immediately.

AVAILABILITY A rider’s application (to be considered for selection) is taken as a rider’s declaration to be available for the dates of the competition for which they have applied.

ENQUIRIES Any enquiries on selection should be directed to the DC or Assistant DC.

Please can everyone interested in putting their name forward as a candidate for any discipline reply to their respective discipline managers with the following details;

Representing your branch  TEAM-SELECTION-POLICY-2019



For Discipline Managers Contact details SEE CONTACTS SECTION