Tuesday January 19, 2021
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19/08/2018 – Great few days at the National Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. Huge congratulations to Holly Vincett on Spiffy coming 4th in the Individual Novice Show Jumping. Well done to Emma Hill on Magic coming 12th in her arena in the Individual Novice Dressage and to the Open Dressage team of Hannah Browne on Jelly, Sophie Browne on Todd and Anna Singer on Hamlet who all gave a good account of themselves in some very good company but none were placed. Lovely few days in good company with nice weather and easy journeys up and back. Thank you to everyone who made it all possible and hopefully we will have some OBH North members there next year



15/08/2018 – GOOD LUCK – to those qualified for the Pony Club Championships this coming weekend;

Emma Hill on Magic doing the Individual Novice Dressage on Friday 17th August at 11.46am

Holly Vincett on Spiffy doing the Individual Novice Show Jumping on Friday 17th August.

and our Open Dressage Team of Anna Singer on Hamlet ( Arena D – 10.06am), Sophie Browne on Todd ( Arena B – 9.10am) and Hannah Browne on Jelly ( Arena A – 9.02am)

Sophie and Hannah are also having a first time bash at the Dressage to music for a bit of fun, so anything could happen!!

Hope you all have a great time and enjoy the experience.

24/07/2018 – AREA 12 and Regional Eventing qualifying competition at Offchurchbury Warwickshire on Sunday 22nd July 2018 – REPORT

Well done to all those who took part at the Area 12 Regional and Area qualifiers for eventing on Sunday 22nd July 2018 at Offchurch Bury in Warwickshire.

A fabulous day had by all despite the weather, which was rather hot as the day drew on.

The Novice Area PC90 team of Evie Clilverd on Ash, Holly palmer-Shaw on Maisey, Jake Molony on Swan and Emma Hill on Magic all put in great combined performance and were just out of the ribbons in 7th place.

Individually Evie had a double clear with a few XC time faults and a 33.33 dressage to come 7th in her arena, Holly also had a double clear with a personnel best dressage of 26.25 and a fist full of time penalties XC for going too fast to come 6th, Jake had another double clear with a few XC time faults and a dressage of 36.04 penalties to also come 6th in his arena and Emma had another great dressage for 26.67 penalties but unfortunately had a couple of stops in both show jumping and cross country which incurred time faults.

The Regional PC80 competition our Branch only posted two individuals in Jake Palmer-Shaw on Danny and Sophie Griffiths on Charlie both were placed in their sections with Jake on a dressage score of 35.42 one down show jumping and clear cross country for 7th place in his arena and Sophie with a dressage score of 32.08 with one down show jumping and clear cross country to take 6th in her section. Both Jake and Sophie have qualified for the Regional Finals at Keysoe on September 9th.

The intermediate PC100 team of Anna Singer on new recent ride, Hamlet, Hannah Browne on Jelly and Sophie on Todd came 4th.

Individually Anna had a dressage of 33.8 with one down show jumping and a clear in the optimum time gaining her 6th place in her section, Hannah had the best dressage in her arena of 27.50 but also had down the same ‘bogey’ fence and went clear cross country with a few very costly time faults for 2nd place just being pipped again for a place at the Championships and by the same horse and rider combination as last year! Sophie like Anna had an improving  dressage for 31.92 but not only took the bogey show jumping fence but two others as well for 12 faults, clear cross country with a couple of time faults for going too fast.

All had a great competition on the day, learning lots and gaining experience from their rounds. Impressive cross country rounds, on the whole, and promising dressage, just some blips to iron out in the show jumping for some. Well done to all those who rode and ‘Thank you’ for coming to support to all those who braved the hot weather and distance on the day.

Special gratitude goes again to Georgie for purchasing all the food in order to fulfil our Area 12 commitment to the competition as a Branch, and providing the XC jump judge packed lunches. Thank you to Jill, Sue P-S, Sally and Anna S and Sophie B for the mad hour of production to make over 70 packed lunches!

And last and not at all least to our four volunteer XC jump judges that have to be provided on the day in order that such a competition can take place at all; Thank you to Andy Clilverd, Andy Singer, Rob Palmer-Shaw and Sarah Rogers. Without your help our members would not be participating in this annual qualifying competition.

So another year of Area and regional qualifiers are now over and very well done to all those who have qualified for the Pony Club Championships in Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire or the regional Finals at Keysoe.

Thank you to all those who made it all happen.

Best wishes


01/07/2018 – Dressage Area / Regional qualifiers at Middlegrove Farm on 1st July 2018

Excellent day today at the Dressage Area / Regional qualifiers at Middlegrove Farm. Despite the heat all our Branch members performed well. For some it was their first time of competing in such a competition and some had a mental glitch in their test, but all got it together and gave it their best. Very well done to all who competed. A huge ‘thank you’ to Daisy Coakley for her assistance during the day and to those who gave up their time to come and support and watch.

Regional – Jake Palmer-Shaw 14th 62.92%
Tamsyn 10th 64.17%
Olivia Wheatley 14th 58.96%
Sophie Marii 4th 66.88% qualified

NoviceEmma 1st with just over 80%, and qualified,                                                          Phoebe 2nd with just over 74% and qualified,                                                                            Holly Palmer-Shaw 10th                                                                                                                        Jake Molony 15th.                                                                                                                                    The Novice Team came 4th out of 17 so a fabulous result.

Open – Hannah Browne 3rd 67.58%, Sophie Browne 9th 65.32%, Anna Singer 5th 64.84% Team qualified.

Sophie Marii-Metuarii qualifies as an individual for the Regional finals at Keysoe EC at the beginning of September.
Phoebe Eggs and Emma Hill both qualify as individuals for the Novice Dressage Championships along with the Open Dressage team of Anna Singer, Sophie and Hannah Browne who are all off to Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire on 18th August.
Fabulous results and hard earned in the heat of the day.
Well done to everyone.

20/10/2018 – Chilterns Arena Tetrathlon Results 13th and 14th October 2018

We had the hottest Saturday in October and the wettest Sunday, for our competition this year. OBH North had 15 members competing, some for the first time and some having moved up an age group and were shooting for the first time. There were loads of PB’s and loads of rosettes!

Tiddler tri team: William Mooney, Robert Arnott, Faith and Jessica Macqueen. This team won their class and Faith finished in 2nd place. This was Robert’s first triathlon. William and Faith achieved a PB in the bean bag throw, William had a PB in the run and Faith and Jessica a PB in their swim.

Tadpole class: Saskia Flood in her first tadpole tri class had a PB in her swim finishing in 3rd place and overall was placed 4th.

Tadpole tet: Danielle Ward, Amy and Millie Parry were doing their first tadpole tet. Amy rode a fabulous clear round and Millie had just one run out. May Mooney and Grace Arnott both had PB’s in their shoot and swim and Grace had a PB in the run and finished in first place in all 3. Amy was 3rd in her run and the team finished in 3rd place with Grace 2nd overall.

Mini Tet team: Jake PS, Sophie MM and Olivia Parry. Fabulous little team here. Olivia had PB’s in all 3 disciplines and rode clear. Jake equalled his PB in the shoot and swim and also rode clear. Sophie had a PB in the swim and the team finished in 2nd place with Jake winning his class and a whole bunch of medals.

Junior tri: Arianna MM and Holly PS were brave enough to get out there and represent OBH North this weekend. Holly after a break of a year managed to equal her PB on the shoot and achieved a PB on the run. Arianna had a very good swim and sadly could not compete on the ride. Holly finished in first place and took more medals home to the Palmer-Shaw household.

Particular well done goes to Olivia for her 3 PB’s, Jake for the highest shoot score of 920, Amy , Jake and Olivia for their 1400 score rides, Robert in his first comp swimming much further than his Mum thought her could.

Well done all and thanks to Mums and Dads and to Rob for helping to run the run.


19/11/2018 – Well done to Sophie Browne on Coral Bloom’s horse, Tam, qualifying in both the Dengie Intermediate and Open Dressage on Sunday 18th November at Bury Farm. They are now qualified for the Area Dengie Finals on March 17th 2019 at Addington EC. 

Well done to Phoebe Eggs on Crystal and Sophie Browne on Jellybean at the Dengie Dressage Championships at Addington EC on Saturday 14th April 2018. Sophie came 6th in her arena in the Open with over 67% and Phoebe came 3rd in her arena in the Novice with over 74%. Another long day but weather made up for it! Well done girls


Very well done to all those who had qualified and braved another day of sogginess to attend the Dengie Area 12 Finals in dressage and show jumping today at Addington Manor. Sophie Griffiths on Charlie and Ella Vincett on Riley we’re both qualified for the Dengie Debut 80cms final. Unfortunately Sophie had a pole down but Ella came 4th and qualified for the Dengie championship on Sunday 15th April at Addington. Phoebe Eggs on Crystal came 2nd in the Dengie Novice dressage and also qualified for the final on Saturday 14th April. Sophie Browne rode her own horse, Todd and her sisters horse, Jellybean, in both the intermediate and open dressage. She came 4th in the qualifying section of the intermediate and won a place at the championships on Todd and 1st over all on Jellybean who was doing the class as a warm up for the open. In the open Todd came 7th and Jellybean came 1st and qualified for the championships. Very soggy as the day progressed but after cheesy chips and great Branch results we didn’t notice the rain……much!!! Hopefully the weather will be much improved in two weeks time for the Dengie championships


OBH North Dressage Show RESULTS – dressage SCORES 14 Feb 2018

Thank you to everyone who supported, competed, helped and sponsored.