Tuesday December 5, 2023
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25th March Tests

Efficiency Tests – Confirmed

25th March BCA

You are confirmed for your Efficiency Test at BCA on 25th March as below. To book your place you must pay the required amount into the branch account by 17th March. (Anyone who hasn’t paid by this date will be removed from the list).
Please use the ref “Initials 2503” e.g. KW2503 when paying.
C Test £30
Sienna Chambers
Chloe McDonnell
Natalie Williams
Danielle Roberts
Poppy Hanshaw
Evelyn Jenkins
Millie Crompton
Janie Barber
Kelly Barber
Georgia  Packer
D Test £20
Sofia Franchitti
Maia Kirkham
Willa Axe
Aria Skinner
Nancy Churchouse
D+ Test £25
Freya Purcell
Delilah Hand
Izzy Bradley
Imogen Ross
C+ Horse and Pony Care
Aliyah Hart
This will take place in the afternoon, times will be out during the week before the Test. You will also be informed of anything you need to bring with you to the test.
Dress (ridden) – white//beige jods, shirt, tie and jacket, gloves etc.
Horse and Pony Care (on foot) – No jacket required – PC sweatshirt is fine.