Thursday December 7, 2023
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Plaiting Badge

Below is a link to video demonstration by Bean.  She shows you how to plait the mane, tail, and forelock using both bands and thread. There is more information and diagrams in your pony club Manual of horsemanship pages 107-111.  Over the next few weeks you will hopefully get lots of time to practice.  Maximum turn out scores await you!


Mini badge:

Any members wanting to be awarded the mini plaiting badge please Whatsapp a video of you plaiting three strands of baler twine together to Anna on 07773313627.


Main badge:

Any members wanting to be awarded the main plaiting badge please Whatsapp Anna on 07773313627, a video of you doing a mane plait in its entirety and a photo of three plaits completed.  Also on the video answer these questions;


  1. Should the number of plaits in the mane be an odd or even number?
  2. Name three activities that you should plait your pony for?
  3. Name one reason for plaiting? 


If there are any subjects you would like us to cover going forward please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Anna Smallwood and Karina Cope (Bean).