Thursday December 7, 2023
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Saddlery Badge

Saddlery, Tacking Up and Boots




Video by Anna on boots for the horse and how to fit and use them


Online quiz to learn the names of the different types of boots


Online quiz to learn the names of different types of bits


For those of you who found the above bit quiz easy, try these extra quizzes:



Videos by Bean on Tacking Up and Basic Tack Fitting


Mini Badge Video


Main Badge Video 1


Main Badge Video 2


Video by Bean on Tack Cleaning


There is also lots of information in the Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship.



How to Achieve Your Mini Saddlery Badge




How to Achieve Your Main Saddlery Badge


·      Complete the Saddlery and Bit google quiz and hit submit. This will automatically be sent to Anna and Bean.


·      Send a video to Anna and Bean of you putting on a bridle correctly (for those of you unable to visit your pony, please complete all other sections and send this in later in the year once you are able to do so)



·      In your video (or in a separate video), answer the following questions on tack cleaning:


1.     What equipment do you need to clean your tack?

2.     Name three reasons why we should clean our tack?

3.     What is the minimum tack cleaning you should do after each ride?

4.     How often should you strip clean your tack?

5.     Why is strip cleaning important?

Communication details for Anna and Bean:

Anna – 07773 313627

Bean –