Saturday August 13, 2022
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Area Teams 2022

Teams for SJ, Dressage and Eventing

Regional (70cm / 80cm or equivalent dressage level) and Area competitions (90cm / 100cm / 110cm) for SJ, Dressage and Eventing are from May July. Each branch can put forward 2-3 teams of 4 plus up to 2 individuals for each level in each sport to compete against the other branches in Area 9. Team members are also competing as individuals. From each team of 4 only the top 3 scores count towards the team total.






The top teams and individuals at the Area competitions qualify to compete at the prestigious PC Championships. The exact number of qualifying places depends on the number of members competing at the Area competition.

There are also entry level Regional competitions in all sports to qualify for the Regional Championships at Rectory Farm, Glos at the end of August.

Please make a note of the dates for the Championships and try to keep those dates free in case you or your team qualify.


  • Novice, Intermediate and Open Championships are at Offchurch Bury, Leamington Spa, CV33 9AR 13th-21st August 2022
  • Regional Championships are at Rectory Farm, Glos. 27th August (Dressage), 28th August (SJ), 29th August (Eventing) 2022


2022: Long lists will be announced early in summer.

Please ensure that you have attended at least one rally for the relevant discipline AND have sent results to the team manager BEFORE 1st June 2022. The Big Elmwood Rally will be the last opportunity to be assessed for this year.

For those on the Long List:

Please check the discipline(s) and level you have been offered and check all the information is correct.
We have put a lot of time and thought into ensuring competitive but fully inclusive teams made up from members we feel are already competing and training confidently at the relevant level. We want our members to enjoy the Area competitions are that will only happy if they are totally confident at that level. If in doubt it is better to wait for next year.
To confirm your place:

If you are on the long list it means we’d like you to compete for the branch as either an Individual or Team member – you have a guaranteed place. Please send payment for the entry fees to OBHPC account 21314106 sort code 40-45-36 with your child’s name and DR/SJ/EV as applicable as the reference. In the very unlikely event of balloting your entry will be refunded in full.

The following prices are for 2021 and are included here as a guide only.

Eventing – Novice/Intermediate/Open  £76 including start fee

Eventing – Regional 70/80cm £50 (exact fee TBC. Any under/over payment will be charged/refunded on the day)

Show Jumping – Regional 80cm/Novice/Intermediate/Open £25 

Show Jumping – 70cm £15

Dressage – all levels £22

Final teams and Individuals will be confirmed 2-3 weeks before each competition and will be decided based on competition results and progress in training.

Branch code of practice for Teams and Individuals:

  1. As a branch we are obliged to field our most competitive teams at Area competitions.
  2. If selected for a team, members are expected to attend regular training rallies to get to know the team trainers.
  3. Once a place on the squad has been offered and accepted you will be liable for payment for your place at the competition even if you are unable to attend or fail to fulfil the eligibility requirements.
  4. Members are responsible for ensuring that they are, and remain, eligible for the competition.
  5. Members are expected to attend the prize giving for their class at Regional or Area competitions and Championships.
  6. Teams will usually be warmed up by a team trainer so that all team members are working to the same team plan. We also ask that all team members attend the team course walks. XC course walks may be the day before the competition.
  7. If you are not available for the Championships and you or your team qualify you must let the team manager or DC know before prize giving as the qualification may need to be passed down.

Choosing whether to apply for a Team place or Individual place

In addition to teams, we are able to include a number of Individual competitors. Individuals may be added to a team if numbers permit. If any of the following apply, it may be more appropriate to apply for an individual place as our teams will get the most from the experience if they can operate as a unit. 

  • You are unable to commit to team training before the Area competition.
  • You are unavailable for XC course walks the day before (Eventing only)
  • You are unable to commit to competing at the Championships if your team qualifies
  • You want to be warmed up by someone other than the team trainer 
  • You are unable to stay for the prize-giving for your class
  • You are unable to commit to competing for the best interest of the team for the entire competition


To ensure fair competition between branches, Pony Club HQ set the following rules that
apply to all branches:
● You must be paid up members of the Pony Club at closing date of competition
● You must have attended 3 rallies (excluding team practices) between 1 st July 2021
and June 2022 (camp to count as 1).
● DC has discretion on this rule when member is at university / in full time work

Competing in a team is fun and rewarding and we encourage all our members to get
involved. The following selection criteria help us to establish the most appropriate level for
you in each discipline and whether you should aim towards Regional (entry level 70/80cm)
competition or the Area (90/100/110cm) competition.

Letting us know you have fulfilled all or any of the following criteria before the selection date will enable us to include you in the relevant 2022 teams.
1. Combination has recent, consistent results in the relevant discipline and at the relevant level.
2. Combination has competed since 1st July 2021 in the relevant discipline and at the relevant level.
3. Combination has attended the competition preparation camp or a competition preparation rally in the relevant discipline in April/May 2022.

As we usually send more than one team at each level, these same criteria will be used to assess the most appropriate team.


Teams of 4 are preferred. It is more fun for the members, it allows for a drop score so reduces pressure on all members and ensures there are sufficient available members if the
team qualifies for the Championship. However this inevitably means that there will usually be 1 or 2 members riding as individuals. Some members prefer to ride as an individual, others are happy to volunteer but otherwise the following criteria are considered:
o Results or experience at the relevant level
o Whether the member is in a team for another discipline
o Number of rallies and content of rallies attended since 1st July 2021


It is the parent’s responsibility to gather and submit any results to team coordinator, Lisa Powell, before the selection deadline.
In addition to relevant results, we ask for input from the team trainers but (other than Fi Dowding) they are not involved in team selection.
Teams are selected by a panel consisting of senior instructor, Fi Dowding and the relevant discipline managers (Fiona Jack HPC, Mel Pejkovic- Polo, Fred Church – Tet, Lisa Smith and
Ann Addington – Dressage, Ros Hayward and Lisa Powell – Eventing, Claire Lisi and Phoebe Hobby – SJ).
Alison Hargreaves, as DC, is not involved in selection but independently ensures that theprocess is fair and transparent.


Please read the eligibility rules for EACH sport you are competing in. They are further down this page. It is essential that you are eligible on the day of the competition AND on the day of the Championships if you qualify or the ENTIRE TEAM will be disqualified.

If you have any concerns about what level you can do in the different competitions please contact Nicola Cammack on for clarification.

Show Jumping

Area Show Jumping Sunday 29th May at Rectory Farm

Team managers:  Phoebe Hobby and Claire Lisi (Regional, Novice, Intermediate, Open)

Send results to the relevant manager.

Team Trainers – Luisa Lisi (70cm), Aaron Nobbs (80cm)  Fi Dowding and Sarah Charles (Novice / Intermediate) To be confirmed ( Open)

Junior SJ

Max 75cm. 12 yrs and under. Individuals only.

Regional SJ

Max 85cm.

Novice SJ

Max 95cm. No height and age restrictions. Combination can’t have achieved a double clear at BS above 1m. Combination can not compete at Intermediate or above in other disciplines.

Intermediate SJ

Max 105cm. No height and age restrictions. No JA ponies or Grade A or B horses. Combination can’t have achieved a double clear at BS where any of the fences were above 110cm. Combination may have evented at PC Open level but can not compete if they have completed an Open SJ course in previous years.

Open SJ

Max 115cm. No height / age restrictions. Grade As can’t have more than £500 winnings in the past year.

Individual Open SJ

120cm. No area competition, just at the Championships.

Full Eligibility Rules: online 



Area Dressage Saturday 23rd July, 2022 at Badminton House, GL9 1DD

Team managers Lisa Smith and Ann Addington

Send results to Ann Addington

Team Trainer – Rob Lumb

Regional Dressage

Any age and height. Can’t represent the branch at Novice or above in other disciplines.

Novice Dressage

Any age and height. Combination can’t compete at higher levels in eventing in the current or previous years, but can compete at any level for SJ or Tetrathlon.

Intermediate and Open Dressage

Any age and height.

Full Eligibility Rules: online



  • Novice, Intermediate and Open Area Eventing will be Saturday 16th July 2022 hosted by the Heythrop PC
  • 80cm Regional/70cm Mini Eventing will be Sunday 3rd July

Team Manager: Ros Hayward and Lisa Powell

Team Trainers: Sasha Hargreaves, Jack Whiteford, Fi Dowding (Regional), Sarah Charles, Fi Dowding and Zoe Wilkinson (90, 100, 110cm)

Mini Eventing

Teams and individuals.

70cm. Ponies under 14.2hh, riders 12 and under.

Regional Eventing

Teams and individuals.

80cm XC, 85cm SJ. No height restriction on ponies.

Must not have competed at Novice in any discipline this year or in previous years.

Novice Eventing

Teams and individuals.

90cm XC, 95cm SJ. Any age and height. Combination not to have competed at BE Novice or to have completed more than 3 clear rounds at BE 100.

Combination not competing at Intermediate SJ.

Intermediate Eventing

Teams and individuals.

100cm XC, 105cm SJ. Any age and height. Combination not to have competed at BE Intermediate or to have completed more than 3 clear rounds at BE Novice.

Open Eventing

Teams and individuals.

110cm XC, 115cm SJ. Any age and height.

Full Eligibility: online