Wednesday May 31, 2023
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Hats checks and tagging











It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet at all times when mounted with a chinstrap fastened and adjusted so as to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall. This rule defines the quality of manufacture that is required. The individual sports also have additional requirements with regard to colour and type. It is strongly recommended that second hand hats are not purchased.

Hat Rule 2023

The aquamarine hat tags were current until 31st December, 2022 but from 1st January, 2023 there is be a new colour (dark pink) and all hats will need to be checked and retagged.  Hats can be tagged by either PC, Riding Clubs or BE, you won’t need separate tags for each. 

The following people are able to tag hats.  Please contact them to make a mutually convenient time to get this done.

Claire Lisi – 07880 622177
Lisa Smith – 07779 354442
Katherine Taylor – 07831 815512
Joy Wilson – 07811 927803