Sunday September 24, 2023
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Entries open for OS&B Hunter Trial 24th September 2023

Entries are now open on Horse Events for the OS&B Hunter Trial at East Bysshe Cross Country Course on Sunday 24th September 2023. 

Download the full schedule here.

Tribute to Margaret Allday

It was a very sad day for OS&B yesterday when we learned that our amazing Branch President, Margaret Allday, had sadly passed away after a short illness. Margaret had been involved with our Branch for over 40 years, first as a Pony Club parent, then as a volunteer and Grandparent.

Until the last couple of years she had been our longstanding Membership Secretary and Tetrathlon Manager and she had also held the post of Assistant DC. She used to organise our Tetrathlon competitions and fun afternoon activities at Rallies. There wasn’t much that she didn’t know about Pony Club and was always there for a chat and advice on any topic.

We had recently nominated her for a Cubitt Bar Award for her long service to The Pony Club.

She will be remembered for her enormous enthusiasm and kindness towards all of the children over the years and we will miss her so very much.

Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

Pony Club Area Competitions and Championships
We have created a handy infographic covering all the 2023 Area and Championship dates and venues for Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Mounted Games, Horse & Pony Care, Tetrathlon, Polo, Musical ride. Suggest printing it off and sticking on your fridge!
New this year is a Prelim PC70 Dressage Qualifier, a PC70 Show Jumping Qualifier and a PC70 Eventing Qualifier. Please note that the Regional Championships venue has been changed to the lovely Great Wichington in Norfolk in order to accommodate all the extra classes. This will involve overnight stabling.
Competing at Area level is a great experience and if you get the chance to go to the Championships then it is really a highlight of a child’s Pony Club experience and is well worth the effort involved.

If you think your child/children would like to compete for our Branch at Area Competitions this year, please could you register your interest on this form: 
It will take you just a couple of minutes and it will really help our discipline organisers to know what teams they are likely to have and what training to organise.
If you are unsure as to which level you will want to enter, e.g. you have new pony or you are not sure on jumping height yet, then you can tick more than one box. You can add comments in the box at the bottom. If you have more than one child then please complete a form for each one. If you are competing more than one pony then add it in the comments box.


OS&B Spring Tetrathlon times published

The times for the OS&B Spring Tetrathlon have been published and are available to download here or on Pony Club ResultsRide Times ; Shoot Times ; Run Times ; Swim Times

Please remember to print off your own number as these will NOT be provided at the event. Numbers can be found by clicking on the competitor’s name on Pony Club Results.

OS&B Prizegiving – 3rd February 2023
It was lovely to see so many members of all ages at our AGM and prizegiving on 3rd February. 2022 was a fun, busy and successful year for our branch of 105 members!
Well done to all our prize winners and a big thank you to our DC, hard-working committee and excellent coaches who make it all happen. Details of all the winners are below. The DC’s presentation can be viewed here

Prize Winners 2022

General Cups    
Apollo Trophy  Branch Overall attendance  points Elise Bloquet (38 points)
Twiggs Cup  Boy with the most points  Felix Frith (29 points)
Fair Play Cup  Senior Points Cup  Darcy Deloughery (34 points)
Junior Cup  Junior points Cup  Madison Kennedy (37 points)
Nutley Cup  Mini Points  Chloe Slaughter (27 points)
Sherpa Cup  New Member’s Points  Talise (Tassy) Mayhew (29 points)
Horse and rider  


Overall Achievement  Charlotte Vickery
Achievement Trophy  Team Achievement  Horse & Pony Care Junior Team (Caspar  Sumner, Miranda Thomas, Elouise Frost)
Silver Cup  Best Intermediate Team in  competition Intermediate Dressage Team (Elise  Bloquet, Keira Beasley, Ronni Harding Good, charlotte Vickery)
Tilling Cup  Best Novice Team in  


Novice (PC90) Eventing Team of Tia  Holland, Ronni Harding-Good, Elise  Bloquet & Gracie Beatty
The Hicks Cup  Most Improved Combination (Senior) Estella Smith and Bunny
Cliff Allday Trophy  Most Improved Combination  (Junior) George Stenhouse and Skye
Benham Cup  Best new combination  Gracie Beatty and Alf
Gold horse & rider  Most improved Junior Boy  Harley Clemente
Jack & Jill Cup  Most improved Junior Girl  Elodie Bruin
Mini Improvement  Trophy Most improved Mini  Lottie Clemente
Gold Cup  Most improved Mini Mini  Poppy Elson
OS&BPC New  

Member Award

For the new member who has  shown commitment and  improvement Elouise Frost
Silver horse head on  marble For the new member who has  shown the most improvement Sophia Porter
Silver Horse Head  on marble Most enthusiastic new  


Kinta Mayhew
Pony Club Pony Cup  Special Service Award for a  horse/pony who has shown  dedication to the branch Sam (the Clementes’ pony)
Silver Horsehead  Most helpful junior member  Daisy Hadley
Gold Cup  Most helpful senior member  Zac Webber
Silver Horse  Member most dedicated to  Test training Holly Deloughery
Challenge Cup  Determination and  


Megan Wiesniewska
Stone Horse Head  Best boy in competition  Caspar Sumner
Ceramic Horse’s  


Most badges gained during  the year Chloe Slaughter
The District  



At the DC’s discretion  Libby Webber

We’d also like to congratulate some of our higher level test achievements – they’ve already had their certificates but well done to: Charlotte Vickery for passing the B+ Test and AH Test 

  • Estella Smith, Elise Bloquet, Fern Hawkins and Libby Webber for passing their B Test Horse & Pony Care section
OS&B Rosebowl  Outstanding Achievement  Elise Bloquet
Cup  Best Intermediate  Keira Beasley
Cup  Best Novice  Miranda Thomas
Horse’s Head Silver  Best newcomer to Grassroots Annabelle Smith
Gold Horse & Rider  Best Walk & Trot  Charlotte Taylor
Ruskin Cup Senior Most Improved Combination Megan Sheridan and Lingo
The Trixie Cup  Most enthusiastic member  Mia Frith

Colours for: 

Megan Sheridan, Caspar Sumner, Miranda Thomas, Charlotte Taylor, Charlotte Vickery, Elise Bloquet, Ronni Harding-Good, Annabelle Smith, Keira Beasley, Harley  Clemente, Rebecca Aston, Estella Smith, Heidi Wickington, Lucinda Jenkins-Price, Isabelle Young.

Silver horse on plinth Best Mini Mini Eventing (PC70 and below) Charlotte Taylor
The Bryn Memorial  Cup Mini Mini Eventing 

improved combination 

(PC70 and below)

Carter Aylward-Green
Childrens Mutual  Eventing Trophy Mini Eventing (PC80)  Emelia House
Gold Cup  Novice Eventing most  

improved (PC90)

Gracie House
Bess Cup  Novice Eventing (PC90)  Ronni Harding Good
CT Trophy  Intermediate Eventing (PC100) Harriet Gillam
Founders Trophy  Open Eventing  Charlotte Vickery

Colours for: 

Charlotte Vickery, Harriet Gillam, Elise Bloquet, Tia Holland, Ronni Harding-Good, Gracie Beatty, Gracie House, Emilia House

Show Jumping     
Ace Challenge Cup  Most improved Mini Mini  Carter Aylward-Green
Silvertoes Trophy  Most Improved Mini  Charlotte Taylor
Horse Plinth Trophy  Most Improved  


Megan Sheridan
Connor Cup  Best Senior  Tia Holland
OS&B Show Jumping Trophy Performance at the Championships Charlotte Vickery
Miss Mop Trophy  Achievement at Area  Holly Pearson-Taylor
Blue Willow Trophy  Best Combination  Miranda Thomas and Whiskers

Colours for: 

Megan Sheridan, Charlotte Vickery, Elise Bloquet, Tia holland, Gracie Beatty, Gracie House, Emilia House, Holly Pearson-Taylor, Cerys Spilsbury, Evie Hadley, Libby  Webber, Isabel Young.


O’Neill Trophy  Most Improved Combination  George Stenhouse & Skye
Silver Horse  Most Committed  Murray Bright
Taylor Trophy  Most Consistent shot  Zac Webber
Horses head  Swimming improvement  award Carter Aylward-Green
Horses Head  Most consistent running  Chloe Slaughter
Emily Bright Trophy  Outstanding Achievement  Zac Webber

Colours for: 

Charlotte Taylor, Chloe Slaughter, Felix Frith, Flora Stenhouse, Sophie Frith, George Stenhouse, Madison Kennedy, Mia Frith

  Hunting and Racing    
  Hunt Bowl  Manners and Helpfulness out Hunting  Olivia Hawley
  Blue Racing trophy  Best newcomer  James Burchell


Mounted Games    
Gold Cup For most improvement in  mounted games – Mini Carter Aylward-Green
Rose Bowl  For most improvement in  mounted games – Junior Charlotte Taylor
Randall Cup  Achievement and Commitment  Mia & Felix Frith
Stepping Stones  


Achievement and  

Commitment – new member

Ava Emeny
Picture  Best Games Pony  Louis (Lottie Clemente’s pony)


Best Polo Newcomer  For best Newcomer to Polo  Mia Frith
Shield  Most Improved Player  Felix Frith
Shield  Outstanding Achievement  Matias Maldonado

Colours to Mati and Felix for playing at the Championships

Christmas Woolly Pony Party – 18th December 2022

**Important Hat Standard Update**
From 1st January 2023 the following hat standards will no longer be accepted for Pony Club, British Eventing and British Riding Club activities due to the age of hats made to these standards:
  • PAS 015 1998 
  • SNELL 2001
If you are buying a new hat for Christmas, please make sure that it meets the newer hat standards. Please also check your current hats – if you aren’t sure, I can have a look at them at upcoming Rallies.
All of OS&B members’ hats will need to be re-tagged with new (pink!) hat tags, and we should be receiving these at the beginning of December. We will be very busy tagging at our December & January Rallies!
OS&B Hunter Trials 25th September 2022

Entries are now open for the OS&B Hunter Trials at East Bysshe Cross Country Course on Sunday 25th September 2022: Enter Online. 

CLASSES (entry fees include First Aid):

Class 1:       Complete Novice Pairs (fences approx. 65-70cm). Start 9:30am.

                     Entry Fee: £30 OS&BPC members per pair, £34 non-members per pair

Class 2:      Complete Novice Individual (fences approx. 65-70cm)

                     Entry Fee: £16 OS&BPC members, £19 non-members

Class 3:       Novice Pairs (fences approx. 80cm)

                     Entry Fee: £32 OS&BPC members per pair, £38 non-members per pair

Class 4:      Novice Individual (fences approx. 80cm)

                     Entry Fee: £20 OS&BPC members, £24 non-members

Class 5:       Intermediate Individual (fences approx. 90cm)

                     Entry Fee: £20 OS&BPC members, £24 non-members

Class 6:      Clear Round Show Jumping.

                        Entry Fee £6 OS&BPC members, £7 non-members. No entries on the day.

                        9:30am: X-poles

                        10:30am: 40cm

            `           11:30am: 50am

                        12:30pm: 60cm

                        1:30pm: 70cm

Entries close Monday 19th September or earlier if classes are full. No late entries accepted.

Please print your own numbers and bring your own number bibs, numbers will not be given out on the day.

Individual competitor times will be published on Thursday 22nd September. Times and results available at Pony Club Results.

Download the full schedule. 

Fun Hack and BBQ 30th August 2022

Online bookings are now open for our fun hack and BBQ at Blue Anchor Farm on 30th August 2022. Enter here. 

3 sections: APPROX 1 HOUR
All cost £5 each plus booking fees:
4pm – lead rein/sedate group accompanied by volunteers on foot.
4.30pm – walk & trot group accompanied by mounted escorts.
5pm – fast group, walk, trot, fast canter accompanied by mounted escorts.
Must be PC members in order to book this bit.

BBQ – please select ticket type from class number box
However no need to be PC members for the BBQ !
We would like to give the opportunity for our past club members, supporters and volunteers to see our new club field and facilities.
ADULTS £12.50
CHILD £6.50

Times for Area Show Jumping 2022

Times are now available for the Area Show Jumping competition on Saturday 2nd July 2022 – click here.

All results will be available on Pony Club Results on the day – there will be no paper scoreboards.