Monday October 22, 2018
Dates 2018

January 18


Wednesday     3rd    Area Cross Country Technique Training Somerford

Wednesday    3rd    B Test Care Exam Contact Jillian or Pam.

Sunday            7th    Flat Rally Ings

Saturday        13th   Show Jumping Rally Ings

Saturday        13th   Winter Dressage Bold Heath

Sunday           14th   Winter League Show Jumping Osbalderston

Friday             19th   Games Myrescough

Sunday           21st   BSPS

Sunday           28th  Dressage winter Competition Ings


February 18


Sunday          11th Flat Rally Ings

Saturday       17th  Winter Dressage League Bold Heath

Saturday        17th  Show Jumping Rally Ings.

Friday            23rd  Games Myrescough

Sunday          25th  Dressage Winter Comp  Ings.


March 18


Saturday       3rd   BSPS

Sunday         4th    Flat Rally Ings.

Sunday        11th   Show Jumping Rally Ings.

Friday          16th   Games Myrescough

Saturday     17th   Winter Dressage Bold Heath

Saturday     24th   Show Jumping Winter League Osbalderston Dengie Final


April 18


Sunday         1st    Dressage Winter Comp Ings.

Tues/Weds 3rd-4th Mini Camp Park House.

Thursday     5th    Mounted Rally Crooklands 6.00pm

Thursday    12th   Mounted Rally Crooklands 6.00pm

Sunday       15th   Cross Country Clear Round Crooklands

Thursday   19th    Stable Management TBC

Sunday      29th    Gymkhana Crooklands 9.30pm


May 18


Thursday    10th    Mounted Rally Crooklands 6.00pm

Saturday    5th    BSPS show

Saturday    19th  Area Games Lancaster

Thursday    24th  Stable Management TBC

Sat & Sun    26th/27th   Triathlon/Tetrathlon @ Casterton/Helsington

Sunday        26th   Hunter Trials @ Helsington

Monday     28th   Winter League Show Jumping Final Round Church Farm


June 18


Thursday    7th    Mounted Rally Crooklands 6.00pm

Sunday       10th  Dressage with Show Jumping Crooklands

Thursday   21st   Stable Management TBC

Saturday   30th   Area Dressage Bold Heath.


July 18


Sunday      1st     Area Show Jumping Crooklands

Saturday   7th    Area Eventing Somerford

Thursday   12th  Stable Management TBC

Saturday    14th  BSPS

Thursday   19th  Mounted Rally Crooklands 6.00pm

Sum/Mon  30th – 3rd August CAMP


August 18


Thursday    9th   Mounted Rally Crooklands 6.00pm

Sunday      12th  Gymkhana Crooklands 9.30pm

National Championships dates to be confirmed.

Thursday   23rd  Stable Management 6.15pm TBC

28th 29th 30th     Mini Camp Park House.


September 18


Sunday         9th      Helsington  HT – TBC

Thursday      13th   Westmorland County Show.

Thursday      20th   Stable Management 6.15pm TBC

Sunday         23rd   Helsington HT – TBC