Wednesday May 31, 2023
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Insurance and Rules

You are a walking advert for your Branch of the Pony Club, which has always had a great reputation for the standard of turnout of its members. Here is a short guide for new and old members as to what is expected of you at rallies. If you would like to compete this year, try to order a copy of some of the rulebooks for more detailed information. You can be ELIMINATED from competitions for the wrong turnout, e.g. forgetting your gloves, so trying to get it right now will avoid upsets later on.


Riding Hat with approval tag (aquarmarine) PC Hat rule 2020
The same hat tag can be used for BE eventing
Black, brown or blue hat or cover on skull hat
Hairnet for all except very short hair
NO jewellery, apart from a watch – this INCLUDES sleepers.
Light coloured shirt .
Pony Club Tie.
Plain dark or Pony Club sweatshirt or riding jacket if you wish.
Pony Club badge on left side/lapel with appropriate felt beneath.
Cream/white jodhpurs – although plain blue/black may be worn at rallies.

Hat TAGS for 2020 these are aquarmarine – White ones are no longer allowed.

Only standard riding or jodhpur boots with a well defined square cut heel may be worn. Plain black or brown half chaps may be worn with jodhpur boots of the same colour. Tassels and fringes are not allowed. No other footwear will be permitted, including wellington boots, yard boots, country boots,“muckers” or trainers.
Boots with interlocking treads are not permitted, nor are the boots or treads individually.

PLAIN, dark coloured half chaps to match your jodhpur boots may be worn.
Members will not require permission to wear spurs as in the past pre 2018. However, misuse of spurs should be reported to the DC / Centre Proprietor, Area Rep and the Training Chairman so that it can be dealt with accordingly.

The Pony Club does not make the use of body protectors compulsory, except for all Cross
Country riding and Pony Racing whether it be training or competing.
Body Protectors used for Cross Country and Pony Racing must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard. Rules on Body Protector are here PC body protector 2020

For general use, the responsibility for choosing body protectors and the decision as to their use must rest with Members and their parents. It is recommended that a rider’s body protector should not be more than 2% of their body weight. When worn, body protectors must fit correctly, be comfortable and must not restrict movement.
Riders who choose to use the Woof Wear Body Cage EXO must lodge a key with the Event Organiser when they collect their number.
Air Jackets When an air jacket inflates the sudden noise startles horses in the immediate vicinity thereby causing difficulties for the other members of a ride if used in a group ride in a confined area, e.g. an indoor school or outdoor
ménage. Air jackets are therefore not encouraged for group rides.

The emphasis here is mainly on safety.
All tack should be in a good state of repair – check the condition and the stitching regularly.
Tack should be cleaned and checked weekly and also before each rally.
Plain dark coloured tack and numnahs, girths, etc will always be correct.
Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the rider’s boots. They must have 7mm (¼”) clearance on either side of the boot.
To find this measurement, tack checkers should move the foot across to one side
of the stirrup, with the widest part of the foot on the tread. From the side of the foot to the edge of the stirrup should be 14mm.