Saturday December 2, 2023
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Efficency tests and Riding and Road Safety

The Efficiency Tests provide a staircase of knowledge and progression when taken in sequence E, D, D+, C, C+, B, AH, A.  Find out more from the The Pony Club website.

E Test – this is a voluntary test for young new members, minimum recommended age 4.  The test may be taken on or off the lead rein.  An adult should accompany the member during the pony care section.  It is not necessary to either take or pass this test before attempting the D test.  Download the E test syllabus.

The Mini Road Rider Badge is a prerequisite to taking the D Test.  Kate Templeton trains members for this mini badge, and usually awards it at junior camp each year.

D Test – this is the first Efficiency Test which must be taken and passed before progressing on up the staircase.  The mimimum recommended age is 8 years.  There is a ridden section requiring walk and trot off the lead rein and a pony care section where very basic knowledge about handling ponies, tack and grooming is tested.  Download the D test syllabus.

D+ Test – this test is halfway between the D and C tests, with a recommended minimum age of 10 years.  The rider should be beginning to show a more secure seat, and will be required to walk, trot and canter, and jump a very small fence.  Candidates should be able to tack up, understand a little about care of a pony at grass, use a grooming kit, know basic points of the pony and recognise several different rugs.  Download the D+ test syllabus.

Road Rider Achievement Badge – members must pass gain this badge before being awarded the C test.  We hold Road Rider training and tests days every couple of years, or you may be able to join with another branch.  Please contact Nicola Spurway for more information.  Download the Road Rider syllabus.


C Test – this test requires a higher level of riding and stable management knowledge, and is open to members age 11 years and older.  Candidates must have trained for and passed Road Rider Achievement Badge befor being awarded the C test.  There are separate riding and stable management sections, both of which must be passed to gain this award.  The riding section includes riding independently with a balanced seat in the open, up and down hills and completing a course of small jumps.  Candidates should know the meaning of rhythm and tempo, the aids for canter on a named leg, and the sequence of footfalls.  The stable management section includes fitting tack correctly, caring for and working of a pony off grass, recognising lameness and treating wounds, rugging up and travelling a pony safely.  Download the C test syllabus.

C + test and B. No Further road rider certificates are now required.

So it is possible now to pass road rider badge and never need to do anything else.
The Pony Club Road Rider Test Minimum age 12 is now optional