Saturday May 8, 2021
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Area Competitions
The Area 18 Mounted Games & Prince Philip Cup Qualifier was held at Neath Club Field on 14/04/19. The Branch entered two teams who had been practising hard leading up to the competition. The electric atmosphere on the competition field at a Games event is renowned, and can light up the quietest of ponies. All the members did exceptionally well and completed all games successfully supporting each and every member within their teams, in adverse weather conditions.
If you have never been before, it is well worth a trip to watch and support your Branch, it has to be one of the most fun, as all the team members will tell you. The comradeship and encouraging screams of support are a pleasure to hear. Along with squeals of laughter when things don’t quite go according to plan!
This years games were as follows:
Senior Games:
Bending, Two Mug, Old Sock, Bottle, Tyre, Quoits & Cone, Pyramid, Five flag.
Junior Games:
Bending, Two mug, Old Sock-Junior, Bottle- Junior, Tyre, Pyramid,-Junior, Two flag.
Bending, Two Mug, Old sock, Bottle, Tyre, Quoits & Cone, Pyramid, Five flag.
Spare game: Ball & Flag
The results were fantastic, Seniors 1st Tack & Turnout and 5th overall. Juniors 3rd Tack & Turnout and 4th overall.
Congratulations to all the members!
Seniors- Sophie Jamieson, Phoebe Brown, Rebecca Luke, Alexia John and Hetty Lort-Phillip.
Juniors- Katie John, Molly Brown, Iris Brown, Tilly Fowke and Kiera Rees-Jones.
Special thanks to all family members who got ponies and riders to practices and the event, we hope you enjoyed being part of it too. Jan Luke for all the practices, and Sonia Jamieson and Karen Brown for Team coaches on the day, making sure we didn’t breach any rules or regulations.
Tip for next year, white sweatshirts can be worn underneath official coloured tabards!


The Area 18 Horse & Pony Care Qualifier was held at Cimla Equestrian Centre, Neath on 23/03/19, where the winning Team in each section, Mini, Junior and Senior qualify for The Pony Club Championships, Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire in August.

Our teams consisted of the following:
Mini- (Questions based on E/D tests.) Frankie Higham, Molly Brown and Iris Brown.
Junior-(Questions based on D, D+ & C tests.) Sophie Jamieson, Olivia Haggar and Phoebe Brown.
Senior- (Questions based on C+, B and AH tests.) Amber Vaughan, Sophie Townsend and Louise Mear.

The competition is practically based and consists of 10 stations, which are timed. Teams revolve until all entered teams have completed all 10 stations.
Topics were:

1. Grooming
2. Points of the pony
3. Colours
4. Markings
5. Tack
6. Feeding and watering.
7. Ride Safe.
8. Rugging
9. Ponies needs, summer and winter
10. Types of boots and bandages

1. Plaiting mane and tail (bands)
2. Snaffle bridle
3. Bitting
4. Colours and markings
5. Points of the horse
6. Boots and bandages
7. Poisonous plants
8. Rugs and rugging
9. Care of the pony at grass
10. Travelling

1. Farrier tools and shoeing
2. Double bridle
3. Health and first aid
4. Conformation
5. Tack various types
6. Feeding/watering
7. Plaiting and turnout (sewn plaits)
8. Tacking up for various disciplines, lunging – benefits to horse.
9. Grooming and quartering
10. Fittening

As you can see all members had a tough job to do under competition conditions. But they all came away smiling. Points are also awarded for teamwork and attitude, supporting family members that were there on the day will agree, the feedback from testers regarding all of our teams made us very proud and quite emotional.
The results were fantastic.
Juniors-1st (qualifying)
Minis- 5th

Congratulations to all team members and huge thanks you to supporting family members who got them to practices and the event.

Well done Cimla Centre & Neath Branch on successfully hosting the event.


The Area 18 Quiz Qualifier was held at Havard Stables Centre, Dinas Cross on 24/02/19, where the winning Branch and Centre team qualify for the Finals at Addington Manor, Buckinghamshire.
Our Team consisted of Sophie Townsend, Amber Vaughan, Phoebe Brown and Alexia John. After practising for a few weeks with their team coach Anna Ridge, the excitement of the competition was intense.
The competition consisted of 10 rounds. The Pony Club, Know your aids & handling, Digestive System, World Equestrian Games, Equine Behaviour, Working Dogs, Around the UK – Scotland, Practical Round – Feeding, Pairs round – Tack, Picture Round – Poisonous Plants.
The Team had an exhilarating day and gained a very creditable 2nd place.

Congratulations girls!!

Also thanks to the supporting family members for getting the members to practices and the event. We hope you enjoyed being part of it too.