Saturday May 8, 2021
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When you get to the Rally, you will be placed in a “ride”. Your ride is the group of children with whom you will be sharing an instructor. Most Rallies start with a tack inspection – so make sure that your tack it is in good condition before you go! ALSO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT RIDING HAT THAT COMPLIES WITH THE NEW REGULATIONS STARTING AT THE END OF THIS YEAR


Rally @ Alnwick Ford Equestrian

We organise Working Weekly Rallies for our Members and they are either mounted rallies where you take your pony or horse or “unmounted,” where you go on foot.

We also train for progressive tests and achievement badges at our rallies, for more about which test you might want to be working towards, see the information available on this link to the main PC website.


Encouraging members to improve their riding by acquiring and establishing an independent seat, and a true knowledge of the aids. Dont be put off by the word “Dressage”, this is about having fun!!

DRESSAGE CO-ORDINATOR  Lindsay Porter  Tel.0773046279813335783_10206542215895341_327289541463345661_n11217682_10155780770725422_4632385163503840730_n



Eventing novice team 2015

Members need to be competeting at the appropriate levels below

  • Grassroots – max height .75m, max width .85m.
  • Area Novice – max height .90m, max width 1.00m
  • Area Intermedite – max height 1.0m, max width 1.1m
  • Area Open – max height 1.1m, max width 1.25m


Mounted Games.

You should be able to ride safely in canter (off lead rein), be able to mount unaided. Your pony must be ridden in a snaffle bit.

Juniors – age 10 and under on 1st January

Seniors – 11 – 14 years of age on 1 January 13729030_10206823646130921_6257897864463842602_n




To be considered for showjumping teams. the rider neds to be able to compete at the height they are interested in

  • Grassroots – approx .75m
  • Novice – max height 1.00m13728947_1071126119589534_1478926948187341850_n
  • Intermedite – max height 1.05m
  • Open (Area) – max height 1.15m

SHOW JUMPING CO-ORDINATOR  Caroline Stewart. 07743791470 



Tetrahlon consists of 4 phases, shooting, swimming, running and cross country. 

There are 4 classes

  • Minumus – ages 8 – 11 at Jan 1
  • Junior – Ages 12 – 14 at Jan 1
  • Intermediate – Ages 21 and under at Jan 1
  • Open – Ages 21 & Under at Jan 1




Champs 2015!!

Polocrosse is a fantastic sport played on horseback over a field roughly the same size as a rugby pitch. Two teams of 6 players play alternative ‘Chukkas’ in Sections of 3 players per side, which allows the horses time to rest between their playing chukkas. For more information, please see Polocrosse link here.

Contact Harry Chrisp who coordinates the training on 01665 577243 or 077118282354 or email

 Please note when attending rallies all members are to wear pc sweatshirt, cream Jodphurs, clean riding boots , black or navy silks and hair nets for the girls. It is policy that riding xc there are to be no fixed peak hats and body protectors are to be worn.

If you are booked into rallies and are unable to attend you must contact the organiser and rallies must still be paid for.

To be eligible to represent our branch at Area competitions, members and their ponies must have completed at least 3 rallies since July 2020, one of which must be this year. Camp counts as 1 and you must have renewed your membership before February 2021


Rule Books

for all of the above are available online or to buy for a small cost from the main Pony Club website.