Tuesday September 21, 2021
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Lockdown Photo Competition

Percy Hunt Pony Club Photo Show

Well done and thank you to everyone who entered our competition. Here is the Judges favourite photo, winner of Senior Class 1 ‘WOW!” Submitted by William Hardy. Judge Rachel Robson said:-

“I like the fact that you can see the action, the angle of the shot allows the viewer to appreciate the context and the light is good and nicely captured.”


The full results for junior and senior classes are:-

Junior Class 1 WOW

1st Freya and Maya Lewis

2nd Annabel Fraser (Cumberland Farmers Hunt North)

3rd Georgia McDonald

Senior Class 1 WOW

1st William Hardy

2nd Eve Cookson

3rd Kathryn Ball

Junior Class 2 OOPS!

1st Harvey McDonald

2nd Charlotte Brown

3rd Sophie Brown

Senior Class 2 OOPS!

1st Kathryn Ball

2nd Joseph Ball

3rd Heidi Batey

Junior Class 3 “At Pony Club”

1st Freya Lewis

2nd Antonia Philipson

3rd Sophie Brown

Senior Class 3 “At Pony Club”

1st William Hardy

2nd Joseph Ball

3rd Anna Hindmarsh (North Northumberland)

Junior Class 4  “Best Friends”

1st Madeleine McDonald

2nd Abbey Hardy

3rd= Maya Lewis & Lucy Fraser (Cumberland Farmers Hunt North)

Senior Class 4 “Best Friends”

1st Eve Cookson

2nd Joseph Ball

3rd Kathryn Ball

Junior Class 5 Between the ears (Scenic)

1st Freddie Philipson

2nd Abbey Hardy

3rd Madeleine McDonald

Senior Class 5 “Between the ears”

1st Anna Hindmarsh

2nd William Hardy

3rd Eve Cookson

Junior Class 6 Video clip

1st Antonia Philipson

2nd Georgia McDonald

3rd Harvey McDonald

Senior Class 6 Video Clip

1st Kathryn Ball

2nd Anna Hindmarsh

3rd Joseph Ball

Adult Classes

As there were very few entries in the adult classes we decided to to award prizes but would like to say how wonderful it was to see some lovely old photographs. Thank you