Thursday May 23, 2019
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Sevington PC  Show jumping at KSEC                  Sunday 2nd December 2018

Class 1   Becca P           5th

Class 2   Poppy             6th

Class 3   Team 2nd       Poppy, Olivia & Harvey (Olivia 4th Ind.)

Class 4   Team 1st         Hugo, Harriet, Imogen and Archie

                                         Mollie 1st Ind.  Archie 5th Ind. and Olivia 6th Ind.

                 Team 5th       Olivia, Molly & Mia

Class 5    Team 1st        Harriet, Lucy, Archie & Mia

                                         Harriet 1st Ind.

Class 6     Team 4th      Harriet, Lucy, Frankie, and Darci

                                         Harriet 5th Ind.


Hunter Trials 2018 results