Wednesday May 5, 2021
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Pony Club Efficiency Tests

Pony Club Efficiency Tests

This is the pony club Test system, the first test all children can do is the E Test. At the Radnors we also offer the Progressive Tests which are intermediate steps between the Pony Club Efficiency Tests.

Members may take theses Tests in modules throughout the levels of Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Platinum. The Progressive Tests are voluntary, flexible and may be used alongside the Pony Club Efficiency Tests to ensure the members are up to the necessary levels. 



  • E Test (Optional)
  • Progressive Bronze Test (Optional)
  • Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge
  • D Test
  • Progressive Silver Test (Optional)
  • D+ Test
  • Progressive Gold Test
  • Road Rider Achievement Badge / BHS Ride Safe Test
  • C Test
  • Progressive Platinum Test (Optional)
  • C+ Test
  • B Test
  • Lungeing Test
  • B+ Test (Optional)
  • AH Test
  • A Test 

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