Thursday May 6, 2021
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What To Wear To Rallies And Competitions

Correct Dress At Rallies

New clothing is not expected, but what is worn must be clean, neat and tidy. Jeans should not be worn!   

  • Jodhpurs/breeches clean and tidy
  • Hat’s must be tagged with PC Turquoise tag. Hat silks-plain black, brown or navy prefered. Hats must be to the current standards. 
  • Radnor green polo shirt and sweatshirt, compulsory long sleeves for XC either long sleeved shirt/RWHH skin/sweatshirt plus body protector 
  • Short boots and chaps or long riding boots 
  • Hair in a hairnet- long hair to be put in a bun with hairnet over the top  
  • Black, brown or navy gloves 
  • No jewellery! (Exception: in the event of a person being unable to remove permanent jewellery, it must be adequately protected by being covered  by a sticky plaster or another appropriate material.)
  • No hooded clothing. 

   ponies must be clean and tidy. Tack must be well fitted and clean. remember to check your stirrup irons, there should be 7mm clearance either side of your boots. 


Correct Dress At Competitions 

Additional or different dress requirements for competitions may be specified in the different Sport Rule Books this is a general guide if your not sure please ask 

  •   Beige, white or cream jodhpurs/breeches 
  • Jackets: traditional jackets must be worn with a pony club tie or hunting stock. It is permitted to wear a pony club stock with any jacket. Jackets must be worn for the duration of the course. Jackes may be removed during warming up, provided the competitor is wearing a shirt that at a minimum covers the shoulders. Competitor numbers should be worn at all times. During hot weather the judges may give permission for competitors to ride without jackets, but shirts must cover the shoulders.   
  • PC turquoise tagged riding helmet, the individual sports also have additional requirements with regard to colour and type. It is strongly that second hand helmets are not purchased    
  • Short boots and chaps or long riding boots 
  • Hair in hairnet with PC scrunchie – long hair in a bun with hairnet over the top 
  • Dark gloves to match jacket or black/white for dressage 
  • Black, brown or navy hat silk to match jacket 
  •  PC badge with appropriate test felt ( essential for all competitions ) Must be worn on the left side of the lapel of your jacket 
  • Body protectors are compulsory for XC and pony racing       
  • RWHH skin for eventing XC

Ponies must be clean and tidy with well fitting, clean tack. 

Plaited for all area, regional and national competitions. plaiting at other competitions is at the discretion of the Spots Manger, DC and Members 

We have some RWHH numnahs please check with the Sports Manger or DC.