Monday November 28, 2022
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The following people give up a lot of their time to try to make the Ridgeway Branch of the Pony Club be of maximum benefit, fun and interest to you and your pony.

They work tirelessly behind the scenes organising, raising money and generally trying to make your Branch run smoothly and efficiently providing you with the activities you want.

Please contact them if you have any questions or would like to have more or less of one activity or another, but please do not ring after 9pm.

Regular meetings are held which help keep everyone informed, meaning your views will be heard.

Hannah Chard and Hazel Tee
Joint District Commissioners
01793 731285 (Hannah)

07795018013 (Hannah)

07941073285 (Hazel)

Nicki McCormack
Branch Secretary
14 Dianmer Close, Hook, Swindon
mobile- 07773160505

Michelle Wallace

Shelley Hoyland
Juniors, Sweatshirts/Polos/Jackets
01666 860699

Hannah Chard
Rally Co-ordinator
01793 731285


Alison Windel
Assistant District Commissioners                                                                                                                       and Test Co-Ordinator