Tuesday September 26, 2023
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Dress Code and Hat Rules

The Pony Club as an institution requires a high standard of turnout of the membership at all times whilst participating in any Pony Club activities and to this avail the Ridgeway branch has decided to adopt a branch dress code to encourage our membership to take pride in their branch, themselves and their ponies’ turnout. The implications of this where our members health, safety and welfare are concerned are obvious.

Apologies if I have left out anything you wanted to know, please contact Caroline (07876 453897) if you have any queries.

The Detailed Dress Code for Rallies, Camp, Competitions and Pony Club Tests can be found in the following pages:

Dress Code – Rallies and Camp

Dress Code – Pony Club Tests

Dress Code – Competitions

Please find below the basic dress code for the Ridgeway Branch of the Pony Club:

  • HATS- See the latest hat rules for details of hat requirements. Riding hats may be navy or black in colour only, skull caps maybe covered with a navy or black cover only, when participating in branch activity. However coloured silks are permitted for X-country. Hats should be correctly fitted and chin straps fastened at all times whilst mounted. Longhair must be tied back neatly off of the face or secured in a hair net.
  • CLOTHING- Members have the option to wear tweed, navy or black riding jacket or the official green Ridgeway sweatshirt accompanied by a white or blue shirt and pony club tie. Jodhpurs or breeches maybe worn and to be cream, white, navy or black in colour. Suitable gloves are recommended for all mounted activities. Long sleeved tops must be worn for cross country.
  • FOOTWEAR- Jodhpur boots or leather/rubber riding boots may only be worn. Half chaps or gaiters may be worn but must be of the same colour as the footwear and they should not have and tassels or coloured braiding. In the interest of safety, muckers, Wellington boots and trainers may not be worn when mounted.
  • BODY PROTECTORS- These are compulsory for X – country activities. They must be fitted correctly and not constrict movement.
  • CLUB BADGE- This is supplied by the branch and should be worn at rallies, shows, when hunting and on all occasions when members meet together.
  • SPURS- The wearing of spurs shall be at the discretion of the District Commissioner. Only blunt spurs without rowels or sharp edges may be worn.
  • JEWELLERY- No jewellery may be worn whilst mounted. Sleepers and studs that cannot be removed must be covered with plasters whilst mounted.
  • SADDLERY- All saddlery and tack must fit the pony, be clean and in good repair. When representing your branch in any competition girths, saddlecloths etc may be plain brown, black, blue or white in colour with no logos or piping. At branch rallies and other activities any subdued colour may be worn.

New clothing is not expected, but what is worn must be clean, neat and tidy.