Tuesday August 16, 2022
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Dress Code – Competitions
  1. Don’t forget to check that the bit and gadgets that your pony is wearing are legal for the event you are competing in!
  2. As a basic rule for all dressage other than the D1 and Introductory 2007 you must only use a snaffle bit and no martingales are allowed. This applies when you are warming the pony up before the event as well.
  3. Please also remember that the pony must only be ridden by the person competing it on the day – if anyone else gets on to school the pony, or even just to warm it up – you will get eliminated before you even start!
  4. See the individual discipline rule books (available to download or purchase from www.pcuk.org) for accurate information. There is even a rule about the length of whips – so it’s best to have a look at the rule book before you get to a competition!
  5. Dress for pony and rider is mainly as for Pony Club tests.
  6. For the cross country (XC) phase of a one day event (ODE) you are allowed to wear XC colours – a long sleeved sweatshirt/jumper in any colour of your choice – with the exception of some cross country and hunter trials – do check the schedules – some branches will not let you wear XC colours, but insist on Hunting dress (Tweed Jacket, shirt and tie) or Pony Club sweatshirts.
  7. Jodhpurs beige or cream.
  8. Medical armbands and body protectors are compulsory for all XC.
  9. Hats must be PC approved & display a PC tag. No fixed peaks when jumping 80cms or over. Jockey skull caps are recommended for all levels.
  10. Do remember comfortable underwear!
  11. Don’t forget no jewellery is allowed.
  12. No button holes or other adornments on pony or rider.
  13. If you do need to wear spurs you will be asked by the tack check steward. to produce your membership card (with the DC’s signature on the back) as proof that you are entitled to wear them.