Tuesday August 16, 2022
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Dress Code – Pony Club Tests
  1. Your pony should be clean and tidy with feet well shod or trimmed. For all tests above D standard ponies should be plaited. Ponies always look smarter with oiled feet – you don’t have to use hoof oil – any hoof dressing or ointment will look just as smart.
  2. Tack should be clean, safe and fit correctly. Don’t forget to check the size of the stirrups; they don’t grow with your feet! There should be just enough room to get a finger either side of your boots.
  3. Numnahs or saddle pads must only be black, white, brown or dark blue and not so big that they swamp your pony.
    You should wear a tweed jacket, with Pony Club badge and felt on the left lapel.
  4. Shirt and Pony Club tie. Gloves, correctly fitted body protector for jumping, medical armband, Jodhpur boots and half chaps.
  5. Jodphurs can be cream or beige.
  6. Hats must be PC approved & display a PC tag.
  7. Hair should be in a hairnet if long and tied so it is above shoulder height.
  8. Absolutely no jewellery – other than a wrist watch. Earrings & other piercings are really dangerous!
  9. No button holes or other adornments.
  10. Do consider your underwear – there isn’t yet a ruling, just sensible advice! Boys need ‘supportive’ underpants or they may be uncomfortable.
  11. Girls would be better off leaving the ‘fashionable’ knickers for other occasions as seams can cause rubs. Under wired bras are very dangerous should you fall and sports bras much more practical.
  12. Spurs may only be worn if you have passed your B test or with the DC’s permission – this will only be given after you have been assessed using them by a Pony Club accredited instructor. You do need to know how to use them correctly or they will do more harm than good.