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February 9th 2015 – Annual Ridgeway Pony Club Awards 2014/2015

  1. Gaye Morrison Award (achievements outside of Pony Club):   This award is given for achievements outside of the pony club; This girl has been out and about all year on a regular basis. She had a bit of a tumble during her competing season, but brushed herself off and got back on as soon as she was allowed (probably before the doctor said she should really!).   She went to the BYRDS International and achieved the BRONZE Medal;  This award goes to…   Livy Hoyland
  1. Minstrel Award (achievements within PC) :   The member who is receiving the Gaye Morrison this year is a dependable member of our Branch. She didn’t come to Pony Camp but instead went to the Area Dressage and qualified for the Novice Championships, where she went along (all the way to Cheshire) and came 4th; this was against Pony Club Competitors from all over the Country.  This award goes to ….. Danielle McCormack
  1. Spirit of the Pony Club : As ever a very difficult award to give as all our members deserve this award; This young member embraces the spirit of the pony club in her attitude towards her pony and peers.   She may get bounced out of the saddle, but she still manages to keep going.   She’s just moved onto a bigger pony and is getting on very well and it’s lovely to see her confidence growing. This award goes to …Sophie Miller   
  2. Most improved:   This award was hard to split and even finding two members was difficult to whittle down.   Both girls have shown great improvements throughout the year; It would be easy for us to mention each and every member in every category, but this award this year goes to 2 girls who have stood out for us: Olivia Down   (for the Seniors) and Cassie Butler (for the Juniors).
  3. Best Combinations: Once again it is so hard to single out one person for any award, we could have given it to all our members easily; however this little member does everything with a smile, her pony almost looks like she’s smiling too! And Dad is always smiling; or is it a grimace!   Mum is always snapping away taking the photos and providing our FB page with little snippets !   This award goes to  Georgia Lovett and Honey (And her mum and dad!)


With effect from 1st January 2015, Caroline Wilson has now become our new District Commissioner.  A prior Ridgeway Pony Club mum of four years, a rider herself with two horses and she runs her own Accountancy practice as her day job.  Caroline succeeds Hazel Tee, who after 3 fantastic years has relinquished her crown.  We would like to thank her for all her hard work and enthusiasm during these past years and wish her well with her new found freedom!

We also say farewell to Ellie Keith, our Senior Rally Organiser.  Ellie has worked with us for many years organising fabulous rallies for which we thank her immensely.

Our committee meets on 20th January to discuss our 2015 plan, so please bear with us and we will be updating our website with all the new Rally and Event information shortly.  However, in the meantime, if you have any suggestions you wish to put forward, please do contact us.

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