Tuesday August 16, 2022
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2012 Ridgeway Show Report

Ridgeway Show – Rabson Manor- Sunday 9th September 2012
A fine day and lovely relaxed atmosphere were what most people will remember of the show.
Photography was provided by Steph Burch, who, along with her helpers seemed to be everywhere! Contact her via :   http://www.stephburchphotography.co.uk

A very big thank you to all the helpers who came up on the Saturday to help set up and moved endless show jumps and put up the marquee.

Julie, Michelle and Vicki did a wonderful job in the tent to keep the show running smoothly with entries and results coming in and rosettes and trophies going out.

The catering was run with superb efficiency by Karen Tinsen and Marie Rutter who spent the day keeping the kettle boiling and tea/coffee coming and touring the show with offers of food and drink to all the judges and helpers, keeping them all happy.

Thank you to Russ and Darren Tee, Steve Windel and Danielle McCormack for keeping the traffic flowing; what a mammoth task that was as so many vehicles kept pouring into Rabson.
Thank you to all the people who helped to man the rings, stewarding, writing, arena parties and those who did the jobs as and when they came along.   Special thanks to Martin Andre who was arena party all day on the main arena!

Thanks to George for the ground preparation, posts for all the rings and agreeing that we didn’t need to take them all down before we went home!


Thanks to Roland and Russ for organising the jump trailers afterwards and putting away the working hunter jumps, and everyone else who stayed to load the Coltsmoor Jumps (they were very heavy!).

Rabson Manor looked immaculate as ever and we are indebted to George and Gill for their continued support.

Thank you to the judges and to our sponsors without whom the event could not go ahead.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to Andrea Sowerby who organised judges/rosettes/and booked the food wagon, icecream van etc, and a big pat on the back to all committee members for all their hardwork. 

Very well done to all the competitors.   Results here for all classes:   Show Results 2012 


Dressage Results:   Dressage Results Sept 2012 WEB(1)