Monday November 28, 2022
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We do encourage our members to work towards the Pony Club tests, your riding ability and stable management will benefit greatly. 

If anyone would like to work towards a test please contact us.  


All pony club tests have been updated from 2010 .The D+ and C+ are now compulsory and the Riding and Road Safety now named Road Rider has undergone the biggest change of all.

 These tests are designed to encourage members to improve their knowledge and interest in riding and looking after their ponies.

Each test receives a coloured felt which should be worn under your pony club badge, all members should have their D test however old you are.

Tests are as follows.

  • E Test: aimed at the very young rider very basic
  • D Test: 8yrs taken at summer camps
  • D+ Test: 10yrs taken at summer camp.
  • C Test: 11yrs taken under examiner test conditions and on a set test day.
  • C+ Test: 13yrs will be taken by 2 examiners one for riding and one for stable management again on set test days.
  • B Test:  min age 16 these days are organised by area.


  • Mini Achievement Badge (E/D Test) This must be passed before taking the D test.
  • Achievement Badge (D+/C Test) This must be taken before C test.
  • Road Rider Test(C+/B Test) This must be passed before taking the B test.



RecommendedMinimum Age Mandatory Minimum Age
D 8
D+ 10
C 11
C+                                     13
B                                     14
Lungeing                                     16
B+                                     16
AH                                     16
Coaching                                     18





It is advisable that parents read up on the main Pony Club website to establish that their child is capable and eligible to take the relevant test.   We don’t want children to be entering for tests out of their capabilities and thus losing the test fee. Link:

Anyone interested in taking any of these tests please contact  Alison Windel on 07715107679 ASAP.