Monday January 27, 2020
Rally Information and Guidance

Rally Timetable

9.00am            Arrive, unload ponies, offer them a drink, and check rally board for your group and instructor

10.00am          Dismounted inspection – please line up in your rides with correct tack and turnout

10.10am          Morning ride

11.30am           End of morning ride

11.30am           Untack, wash down, water, hay and feed if required

11.45am          Members lunch together

12.30pm          Stable management (theory & practice working towards your tests) with Instructors in groups/achievement badges **

1.00pm            Tack up for afternoon ride. If jumping appropriate tack, boots and body protectors.

1.15pm            Afternoon ride

2.30-3pm        End of afternoon ride. Please thank your instructor.

2.30-3.30pm   Untack, wash down, water.

3.00pm            Tack cleaning and cakes, junior committee meetings

3.30pm            Help put away jumps, poles & markers, pack up trailers, lorries and ponies, poo pick around your trailer area

3.45pm            Depart Scotsburn

Scotsburn is a working farm therefore please shut the gates behind you and keep the area around your trailer/lorry tidy.