Monday January 25, 2021
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Hat Tags 2015-2016

New hat tags will start to be in use from January 2015 and all hats need to have a new hat tag on them by the 01 January 2016. The new hat tags will be white in colour, with a purple Pony Club logo. From 01 January 2016 we will no longer accept riders wearing hats with the old purple hat tags. The reasons for re-tagging hats are: 1) The change in the European hat standards to remove the (BS)EN 1384 from the European journal. This change is detailed in full in the BETA press release and means that after 31 December 2015 Pony Club members will not be able to wear hats only marked with (BS)EN 1384 2) The colour on some of the purple tags has worn off or tags have become damaged meaning it is difficult to identify hats as meeting the required standards. 3) It has been brought to our attention that some Members may have torn tags off their hat for use on another. We need to ensure that hats meet the standards listed in The Pony Club Hat Rule for 2015. However, as noted above the European standards are being revised to remove (BS)EN 1384 during 2015 and so in order to make the transition as smooth as possible, and to allow hats only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384 to be clearly identifiable, the hat tagging procedure for 2015 will now be as follows: – Any hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384 should continue to be tagged with a purple tag. Most of these hats will already have a purple tag on from previous hat tagging but in the event of one of these hats requiring a new tag only a purple tag should be used. – Any hats which are marked with one of the other standards permissible by the Pony Club (PAS 015, Snell E2001 and AS/NZS 3838) should be tagged with one of the new white hat tags before the 31 December 2015. The full list of standards is as stated in The Pony Club Yearbook. – In 2015 hats bearing both white and purple tags will be permitted in Pony Club activities. After the 31 December 2015 no hat bearing a purple tag will be permitted to be worn in Pony Club activities