Monday January 25, 2021
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Dress Code

What Should I wear for….

Training Sessions

Dress code for training sessions is generally relaxed, clean cream/white jodhpurs with pony club sweatshirt, clean ponies and tack. 

(No plaiting is required for night training.)

Mounted Rallies

Best turnout is required

Route Hunt pony club jumper, white long sleeve shirt, pony club tie, badge, cream/white jodhpurs, clean boots, gloves and hairnets (for the girls.)

Ponies should be plaited and gleaming, and clean tack is essential. 

Points are awarded for turnout at Mounted rallies.


Dengie Qualifiers, finals and area competitions

For Riders

Hairnets for girls are essential

No jewellery to be worn

Cream / white jodphurs plain (dark) gloves

Shirt and tie or pony club stock

Dark hat with plain dark silk (ensure your hat is appropriately tagged)

Navy/ black or hacking jacket with badge (and felt on left lapel)

Boots or gaiters plain brown or black (with no tassles)

For ponies

Manes should be plaited (with the exception of mounted games) and tails either plaited or pulled.

Ponies should be groomed until spotless (unless appaloosa) and well turned out.

Hoof oil should also be applied and ponies well shod (if applicable.)

Tack should be spotless (including bit) and please ensure stitching is in good condition.

Check that stirrups are the correct size and you haven’t grown out of them!

Numnahs and Saddlecloths should be plain.

Appropriate boots can be worn – check pony club rule book for each discipline (with the exception of dressage.) 

Mounted Games

White long sleeve shirts and pony club tie with yellow Rout Hunt sweatshirt if cold.

White or cream jodphurs with black or brown jodphur boots (with jodphur clips.)

No gloves or  jewellery

Hairnets must be worn

Black skull cap with black silk

Canvas Reins are preferred

White Saddlecloth

Ponies do not need to be plaited but should be cleaned and have hoof oil applied.


Cross Country Training and Competitions

Please remember that body protectors must be worn for cross-country.

Skull Cap and Silk must also be worn.

Please note you cannot compete without these essential items for safety reasons.