Friday October 18, 2019


Pet Sense Mini Achievement Badge

December 2018
Dear Mini Members,
Over the winter we are offering all of our mini members (aged 8 and under) the chance to gain their Pet Sense mini achievement badge. If you own a pet (other than a pony!) and would like to do this, then all you need to do is create a poster, leaflet or booklet telling us what you have done. You can be as creative as you like and parental help is of course allowed.

You must:
• Be responsible for the daily care of a pet for one month.
• Explain how and when you feed and clean its home.
• Take photographs of your pet during exercise, play and training, if appropriate.
• Explain how you would recognise if your pet was unwell or injured and where you would get help and advice.

When you have done this please show Tommie, Judy or Joy and we can award you your badge. We might even display your work on the pony club website and facebook page.

We look forward to learning about your pets.
Tommie x
01264 782428 / 07947 460626