Wednesday December 1, 2021
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Alphabetical list of disciplines and contacts updated 16/6/21

There are a number of equestrian disciplines covered within the Pony Club, details and rules books of which can be found on the main Pony Club website.  In addition to the usual activities of rallies, training, picnic rides, competitions etc the Rufford Hunt Branch major on the following activities associated with the disciplines.  If you wish to have more information please feel free to email the contacts and they will be happy to help.

Achievement badges; Efficiency Tests from E to A; Progressive tests from bronze to platinum – contact Ruth Hall (Chief Instructor) –

Annual Camp – Organisers Diane Shepheard and Ruth Hall supported by the committee.  Contact them on or

Bi/Tri/Tetrathlon – Training and team selection – contact Nicola Platts – supported by Becky Bodkin on

Dressage – Training and team selection – contact Diane Shepheard –

Dressage Interbranch Annual Competition – Overall organiser – contact Carolyn Smith –

Eventing – Training organiser – contact Suzanne Green on or Jill Hoyland on 

Eventing groups/teams – Ruth Hall on

Hunting Badge and Certificate – contact Carolyn Smith on

Mounted Games – Training and team selection contact Amelia Murray on

Showjumping – divided into 3 groups for training and team selection as follows:

Ruth Hall and Gemma Hollingworth for members learning to jump up to 60cm. or

Roxanne Vickers for members jumping full up courses from 60cm to 80cm.

Debbie Dawson for members jumping full up courses from 80cm plus

Showjumping Interbranch Competition – Organiser is Debbie Dawson on