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Saturday July 13th and 14th

Eventing this year is hosted by the Burghley and the following test will be used.

Please contact Clair Wolstenholme to register your interest in training and representing the club at area qualifer



Grassroots eventing Test 

PC90 eventing Test 

PC100 eventing Test 

PC110 Eventing Test 




Area 6 will be holding an Eventing League during 2018 for both individuals and branches at PC80, 90, 100 and 110cms Levels. There is no fee or entry form required and all individuals and their respective branches will be automaticallyincluded in the league for entering the below competitions. Standings will be published each month on the new Area 6 Eventing League page on The Area 6 website (http://branches.pcuk.org/area6/). The aim of the league is to encourage Members to compete at all levels of eventing. All League Classes will be run strictly under 2018 Pony Club Eventing Rules.

April 22nd – Blankney ODE

June 2nd – Cottesmore ODE

June 10th – Scunthorpe and District ODE

June 17th – Fitzwilliam ODE

July 1st – Burghley ODE (Including Area PC110)

July 14th/15th – Area ODE (Fernie)

July 14th/15th – Fernie ODE – Non Area PC Sections

July 22nd – Belvoir ODE

Aug 26th – Burton ODE

Please note further dates may be added if Area 6 branches announce future ODE’S during 2018, also not all the above dates will feature all 4 height sections at their events.

Please check The Pony Club Area 6 website regularly as dates/venues may change due to unforeseen circumstances.



Riders must be Members of an Area 6 Branch of The Pony Club. Open to any horse/rider combination at any level. Riders may ride more than one horse at any or the same level as each horse/rider combination will be awarded points separately.






Area 6 Eventing League Points will be awarded to each horse/rider combination as follows:

All Competitors:

Finished on Dressage Score – 10

Double Clear (with time pens) – 5

Clear SJ only (with/without time pens) – 2

Clear XC only (with/without time pens) – 2


Placed Competitors:

1st (over 2 starters) – 10

2nd (over 3 starters) – 8

3rd (over 5 starters) – 6

4th (over 10 starters) – 4

5th (over 15 starters) – 3

6th (over 20 starters) – 2

Unplaced completion – 1

Double points will be awarded for Area Competition Sections.

Points will be awarded solely to the finishing place within Area 6 entries. For example should an Area 6 Member finish 2nd to a non-Area 6 member, the Area 6 member would receive the points for first place. This will also be the case in mixed sections of Pony Club and Non Pony Club Members.

All points will be allocated by the League Manager under the scrutiny of The Area Rep.

At the end of The League Series the winner from each height section will be the horse/rider combination with the most points. In the event of a tie the combination with the greatest points accumulated from The Area Competition Sections will be deemed the winner.

The Area Branch League will be determined by the addition of all the points from individuals representing that branch across all four levels, PC80, 90, 100 and 110cms.

Further details regarding Awards will be released during the coming months.



Novice and intermediate are at Rolleston Park

Novice Eventing Team 2017

Frankie Maw rode her gelding Major today, as a representative for our branch, as part of our Novice Eventing team, here’s her personal roundup.

“So, so, so, proud of major today. 5th at area eventing. We had a double clear and was just 2 seconds too slow. Plus a great dressage score of 34.6. I cannot believe how much he’s grown up this past year. Well done to the rest of the team you guys were amazing. Bring on next year.”

Evie-Mai Carolan rode her pony Livvy.

“Once again Livvy being a star at our first area eventing together, had a great start with a good dressage test scoring 31.5% then the last one down in the showjumping, 1 refusal on the cross country with a few time penalties. Well done to the rest of the team and thank you Claire for taking me! Good luck to the grassroots team tomorrow!!!!”

Georgia Wright rode Dollar

“Dollar did a very nice test, scoring 29 and was then clear in the show jumping. Unfortunately we had an unusual stop in the xc so unfortunately no placing this time around“

Charlotte Wolstenholme rode Mac

“We attained a good 31.8% dressage then had 2 down in the SJ. Unfortunately we had a fall in the XC, you can carry on if you fall in a PC event, so I then completed the rest of the course with extreme determination and only 0.4 time faults and finished on a cricket score of 124”

Our girls are super in all ways, Very Well done!


 Our grassroots team, report to follow.

Grassroots team






Contact for Eventing information Claire Wolstenholme

or email – scarabells@btinternet.com

Area 6 Eventing 2016

We had an open team of 3 members Katie Willerton, Lauren Wilson and Amber Major, the team finished in 4th place, Amber was 8th and Lauren 10th in their sections, well  done to you all.

we also had 2 novice teams, both unplaced but with some outstanding results as individuals Mary Maw finished on her dressage score of 36.3  clear show jumping clear cross country and finished in 10th. Katie Holbrook also finished on her dressage score of 38.8 (clear show jumping and clear cross country) but finished just outside the top 10, Sinead Bramhill dressage of 31.00 also went clear show jumping and  cross country but had 7.8 time penalties finishing with a score of 39.8 to finish 6th in section. Chelsey Wesley dressage of 31.3 clear show jumping and clear cross country but with time penalties finished on a score of 75.7  Frankie Maw dressage 31.5 show jumping 4 faults  and had a fall on cross country. Grace Carruthers  dressage 33.1- 4faults show jumping, faults on cross country. Charlotte Wolstenholme dressage 344 – 4 faults show jumping clear cross country and within the time finished in 10th place. Georgia Wright dressage 28.5 – 4 faults show jumping, clear cross country and within the time finished 1st.

2016 Novice eventing Team Novice eventing team 2016 1


Georgia Wright and Dollar qualify for the National Championships later in August, she was the only eventer to qualify but the others were knocking on the door, just need a little more luck and we could have 3/4 more at the championships, we wish Georgia and Dollar good luck at the championships.

Full results are available on the area 6 web page and the Belvior Pony club web page.


Pony Club Championships 19th to 23 August 2016 at Cholmondeley Castle




Novice (Level 3) – Dressage Test – .  Show jumping and Cross country are maximum height 3’ (90cm)

Intermediate (Level 4) – Dressage Test –   Showjumping and Cross Country are maximum height 3’3” (1m)
Open (Level 5) – Dressage Test –   Showjumping and cross country are maximum height 3’6” (1.10m)

Eventing 2015 held at Buckminister

The Open  eventing team Georgia Harness on Horsepasture Chalkie , Nicola Whitmore on Fernhill Sirocco Dr 32.2 – sj 8 – xc clear 7.6 time- Joe Dowse  on Valley Dr 37.8  -sj 8-xc clear 1.6 time and Lauren Wilson0n Kilmeady- Dr 34.4 -sj 16 +5 -xc clear 20time, team  came 4th at Area 6 qualifies on Saturday 23rd August and qualified for the National Championships later on in August, Good Luck for the championships team.Joe came 5th in his arena Nicola came 5th in her arena , Lauren Wilson 9th in her arena, Amber Major on Bertie McSquirty- dr 31. – sj 12- xc clear 15.6 time  went as an individual in the open and came 7th in her arena, thank you all for making Scunthorpe and district a proud branch Well done to you all.
We didn’t have an intermediate team , Hannah Barth on Oscar -Dr 26.92 -sj 8 – xc clear 28.12 time  and Laura Bramhill on Mollyatta dr 34.23 sj 12 xc clear 25 time went as individuals, Hannah finished 7th in her arena Well done girls a great result.
Sunday 26th August.
The Novice eventing team came 4th another great result, the team was Mary Maw on Apache Prince Dr 38.96 – sj clear -xc clear and  came 10th in her arena, Georgina Jenks on Dollar-Dr 29.58- SJ clear – XC clear  2 time and came 5th in her arena, Amelia Priest on Angelica -Dr 34.58 – sj 4 – xc clear 3.2 time and  came 7th in her arena and Sinead Bramhill on Peasano Ebony Rose – Dr 36.46 – sj clear – xc clear  0.8 time came 12th in her arena, Katie Holbrook on Max went as a individual Dr 38.75- sj clear – xc clear 32.8 time, well done girls and thank you for representing the club in such great style, well done to the members who jumped double clears.


Joe Dowse on Buddy won, yes won, the Novice championships in Cheshire, This I believe is a first for Scunthorpe and for Area 6, what an achievement to come out top of all the novice eventers in all of the other pony clubs, its mind blowing, Joe was 4th after dressage and then jumped clear show jumping and clear round a big, technical cross country course to move himself in to the lead, and into a position that he could not be beaten. This is quite amazing knowing what Buddy has been through and Buddy is now 21 years old this was his swan song as now he is going back to his former owner Charlotte Torr (past member ) he is going to be semi retired as Charlotte intends to ride and maybe hunt him. Happy retirement Buddy and thank you for what you have done for the Pony Club.


Novice Eventing Championships – Joe’s report.


Anna’s report on her and Nics day at area eventing championships

After a week of torrential rain, the morning of the area eventing dawned fine and dare we say, even sunny! Poor Nic was up even before the dawn I think, her first dressage test was something like 8.30! The ponies all behaved in the dressage and we were rewarded with good scores for all 3 tests. I shot off to run round the cross country while nic showjumped and cross countried Toto, having just one pole in the showjumping, and going clear in the time xc. After walking the cross country I was all set to withdraw, there was one section that was very muddy at the start of the course and I didnt want to slip. However on the way back to my box I walked past Nic and Jo, who told me there was absolutely no way they were going to let me withdraw, Nic said she had no problems on Toto and Louis had had enough of posey dressage and deserved a nice jump around! So they changed my mind, and I can honestly say I would not have done it without them! So we wandered up to the showjumping with Nic and Rocco where they both jumped clear rounds, and headed straight back to the cross country. After a pep talk from Nic, she headed off to jump clear in the time, then Louis and I jumped around clear for just 3 time faults, totally my fault for taking a rather scenic route to the last fence! When the results came out, Nic was 3rd on Rocco in her section, I had WON my section on Louis an qualified for the championships (!!!) and Nic was 7th on Toto, just one place out of qualification. Louis and I were also presented with the trophy for the best dressage! We had a fab day and the organisers did so well to keep the event running, it must have been difficult, especially when all events round the rest of the country had been abandoned!