Tuesday June 25, 2019
Rallies info

If there are any alteration it will be in your newsletter or you can contact Liz details below or email scunthorpe@pcuk.org

2019 Rallies



Free taster rally for non members.

Which ever member  introduces the most members from 1st Jan 2019 to November 2019  gets next a years membership free.


From 1st Jan All rallys must be paid for at the time of booking.

You can book through Equo –  anyone requiring help with please contact Lynsey 07908200657

Pay cash or cheque at the time of booking

Bank details 20-98-98

Account no.33121437 to pay by bacs. Please put name and rally as ref.






6th Introduction to Eventing Rally (TURNOUT)-this rally is to give you an insite into eventing, what would  be expected of you  at an ode, what you to do, encourage members to compete @ Bagmoor Park 10.30am to 3.30pm cost £30

14th Junior Rally @ Newlands Farm Epworth 2pm cost £10

20th Cross country Rally @ Bagmoor Park 11.00am and 1.30pm cost £15

21st Cross Country Rally @ Bagmoor Park 11am Junior 1.30pm Seniors £15

27th Junior Games and Badge rally Epworth 2pm


4th Junior Rally @ Newlands Farm Epworth 2pm £10

11th Dressage Rally (TURNOUT) 11.00am 1.30pm @ Bagmoor Park £15


1st BBQ Rally (TURNOUT) @ Bagmoor Park 10.30am £30

8th Junior Rally Bagmoor Park 

17th Show Jump Rally (Groups of 3 ) 2pm 

24th Cross Country Rally £15 Bagmoor 6pm


6th Picnic Rally (Turnout) 10.30 to 15.30 Bagmoor Park £30

13th Junior Rally 2pm Epworht £10

29th Fish & Chip Rally 10.30 to 15.30 Bagmoor Park £30


8th Cross Country Rally 6pm Bagmoor Park £30

18th Junior Rally 2pm Epworth £10

27th Show Jump Rally (groups of 3) 5pm


28th Junior Rally 2pm Epworth £10


12th Mixed Rally (Turnout) 10.30 to 15.30 Bagmoor Park £30

26th Halloween Ride 2pm Bagmoor Park £10

27th Cross Country Rally 11am Seniors 1.30pm Juniors Bagmoor Park £15



2nd November Junior Rally 2pm Epworth £10

16th November Arena Cross Country Rally 11pm and 1.30pm


8th Show Jump Rally (groups of 3) 11pm onwards

21st Junior Santa Rally 2pm Epworth £10

30th Show Jump Fancy Dress 1.30 venue and price tbc





Please book in and pay to reserve a place with Liz Willerton 07999507203
Any non member interested in joining ring Liz for free trial rally or enquiries (XC rallies excluded in free trial).

If interested in joining contact Liz for free trial rally (ex cross country) We are holding lots of extra rallies throughout the year

2 hour rallies are £15 per member

All day rallies  £30 per member

Please use the booking in form for booking the rallies and send it with the correct money to Liz Willerton at least one week before the rally you wish to attend.

Please book rallies with Liz Willerton – by text  07999507203  or phone 01652 656822 or email lizwillerton@btinternet.com or message face book rally page.


 Bigby high Road


DN20 9HB


Please print it off, fill it in with your name and for which rallies you want to attend and then return it to the address on the bottom of the form with the correct money, if you have any problem printing it off please contact scunthorpe@pcuk.org and I will send you a form by email.

The junior rallies will include badge training, working towards the achievement badges, there are lots of badges to work towards if you would like more information about what badges you can gain, please check on the main pc website or contact scunthorpe@pcuk.org



Please read the info below.

Rallies are for members with ponies, usually they are 2hrs or all day rallies, members meet at the venue,  with their horses or ponies at the stated date and time as per the rally booking form, it is a time when parents can sit and chat while watching their children enjoy riding under instruction from qualified instructors, the rallies vary from dressage rallies which are flat work, jumping rallies  or cross country rallies over our own course at Bagmoor,



Please use the link above – 2015 booking in form-  print off the Rally booking in form for 2015  rallies. Then return the form with the correct money to Liz willerton at least 2 weeks before the rally, to secure your place, if you book in and don’t pay your place will not be held,  a member booking in and paying will take preference over a non paid booking.

All rallies must be  paid for at the time of booking, please advise Lizif you have booked in to a rally but can not make it, the place then can be offered to someone on the waiting list, your money will be refunded if you cancel 7 days prior to the rally.

It would also be  appreciated if you could let Lizknow, even on the morning of the rally, that you can not make it, then Jo and Tracey can rearrange rides before the rally starts, instead of delaying the start of the rally to sort things out.

Parents who watch their child at a rally should refrain from interfering while the instructor is teaching, if you have an issue with anything that is going on in the rally please speak to Tracy Rivitt at the end of the rally.

We try to have only 6 riders per ride at rallies and that the riders are of a similar standard, this is not always possible but we do try.

Please insure that you arrive as early as possible to rallies so that they can start on time, once you have got your member ready could parents please help to put out equiptment, show jumps, games equiptment etc. and please help to clear away at the end of the rally so that everyone can leave at the same time.

Cross country rallies please bring a rake to help keep the course in good order.

Dress code for rallies is as follows

Turnout rallies”

Riders should wear a riding jacket,  light coloured jods, leather riding boots with a smooth sole, light coloured shirt and pony club tie. Hat to pony club standards, it should be tagged. All members should wear a hair net especially if you have long hair.

Long hair can be a danger to a rider if it is not in a hair net.

Ponies should be plaited and well groomed, the tack very clean and in good repair. Dark numnahs and girths, no fancy browbands, coloured tack is frowned upon.

Marks at these rallies go towards the turnout trophy at the end of the year.

Ordinary rallies

Riders can wear the Pony club sweatshirt with  light coloured shirt and pony club tie, light coloured jods and leather riding boots with a smooth sole. Hat tagged to pony club standards. Ponies again should be well turned out with tack in good repair.

Cross country rallies

Riders may wear dark coloured jods, Leather riding boots with smooth soles, pony club sweatshirts or dark coloured sweatshits shirt and tie. Hat tagged to pony club standards.

If cold a coat maybe worn but please make sure it is suitable, dark coloured if possible or  the Scunthorpe Pony Club Jacket.

Cross country Rallies. Please note that at cross country rallies you must wear  long sleeves and a  hat that doesn’t have a fix peak

A skull cap with dark silk, no fixed peak and a body protector.

Some rallies are held at Bagmoor Lane Normanby Park Scunthorpe post code DN15 9BG and some rallies will be held at Newlands  Farm, Epworth or Stone Lodge, Crowle  DN8 5SW.

Prices for the rallies are all on the rally sheet which is available at the top of this page.

If you require any futher information on rally rules or parents information  then please check the main pony club website or click home at the top of this page then when page loads scroll down to parent information, there is lots of information on there, or contact a committee member.

Turnout Rallies you are expected to come with a well groomed/clean pony, plaited,  well polished/clean tack in good repair, and yourself neatly dressed in jacket, cream jods well polished boots, hair in a net, gloves etc. please don’t let standards slip. If you are unsure of what to wear then please ask the instructor or email scunthorpe@pcuk.org for more information or you can check on the main pony club website  on the rule book page.

A rally that  was well attended, and members enjoyed instruction over the cross country course and flat work in the morning, after lunch of Burgers, Sausage and Drinks  and cakes were baked by the parents, and members, Neve’s chocolate cake was delicious, and I noticed Tracy nipping back for seconds. Members  played games until it was time to ride again.


Kerry and Alice cooking catching the sun.



The above photos are of members and parents catching up at lunch time while enjoying all the cakes.



Below is Katie and Jess trying out the new water complex

Katie & Jess

Just checking out how deep it is.

Playing in the water.

ski JumpDSCN0041