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Spring Hunter Trial

28th April 2019


Spring Hunter Trial Results 28th April 2019

Class 1 – 45cm Pairs – Fred Brown Memorial Cup to Highest placed Scunthorpe members

1st Maisie Brown  on Phoebe and Grace McGloughlin on Doodle
2nd  Megan Rowland on Belinda and Mia Ritchie on Gladrags  (highest placed Scunthorpe members)
3rd Kieran Potter on Meya and Lily Rose Pearson on Ebony
4th Jack Souter on Polly and Holly Souter on Casper
5th Ebony Bell on Cassie (SDBPC) andEvelyn Clark on Mumbles
6th Rebecca Bradley on Without a Licence and Kieran Bradley on Kierans Suprise

   Class 2 –  45cm Individual – Travis Cup

1st Sienna Stones on Rocky –  Highest placed Scunthorpe Member
2nd Ebony Bell on Rio SDBPC
3rd Lily Rose Pearson on Ebony
4th Brooke Whitley on Harvey SDBPC
5th Jessica Moorhouse on Tilly
6th Kieran Potter on Meya

Class 3 60cm Pairs Sanders Cup to highest placed scunthorpe Member

1st Krista McKenzie on Jimmi Shaker
     Maxine Brown on Bronchi  Bear
2nd Kaylie Wilson on Lilly
      Julie Todd on Kerry
3rd Brooke Whitley on Harvey – Highest Placed Scunthorpe member
      Judith Whitley on Wigsborough Prince
4th Reuben Hart on TK – SDBPC
      Katy Havercroft on Dutch
5th Joanne Tobin on Reggie
      Melissa Chennels on Diamond
6th Megan Roberts on Pippin – SDBPC
      Mel Roberts on Jasmine 

Class 4 60cm Individual – Storcrop Cup to HPSM

1st Hazel Gardiner Life of Riley
2nd  Katy Goring on Poppy
3rd Emma Rowlands on Jasmine
4th Reuben Hart on TK Highest placed Scunthorpe and District  member
5th Sienna Stone on Rocky – SDBPC
6th Kellii Nicholson on Bransby Reed

 Class 5 70cm Pairs

1st Bridget  Bramhill on Breeze
     Holly Middleton on Pride-  Highest placed scunthorpe member
2nd Aaliyah Bowers Carter on Toby
      Polly Harrison on Molly
3rd Judith Whitley on Wigsborough Prince
      Lisa  Whitelam on Kesassos
4th Caty Mitchell on Bright eyes Peril – SDBPC
      Lois Pinchbeck on Magpie.
5th Mary Anne Wood on Bob the Cat
     Sarah Creasey on
6th Anna Krynyckyj on Morse – SDBPC
      Ellie Burgin on Duke – SDBPC

 Class 6 70cm individual– Elandlodge.com national hunter trial qualifier

1st Evie Mae Carolan  on Jack – Qualified Eland Lodge Highest placed SDBPC
2nd Aaliyah Bowers Carter on Toby – Qualified Eland Lodge
3rd Hazel Gardiner on Life of Riley – Qualified Eland Lodge
4th Honey Naish on Firecracker
5th Sarah Mercer on Bob
6th Kelly Wilson on Oral

Class 7 80cm Individual- Elandlodge.com national hunter trial qualifier

1st Thomas Dyson on Kobanna – Qualified Eland Lodge
2nd Katy Goring on Willow John  Qualified Eland Lodge
3rd Jessica Dyson on Hugo – Qualified Eland Lodge
4th Sarah Mercer on Cally
5th Rebecca Mackrill on Jumbaleena
6th Abbie Goring on Grove Abbey

Class 8 80cm Pairs- – Elandlodge.com national hunter trial qualifier

1st Robyn Byrne on Cracker Jack – Qualified Eland Lodge
     Milly Wallace on Leo
2nd Kerri Welsh on Gladys
      Kelly Dutton on Another Sweet Vettori

Class 9 individual – – Elandlodge.com national hunter trial qualifier

1st Jaqueline Sharpe 0n Pretty Women- Qualified Eland Lodge
2nd Michelle Billington on Pick of the Day- Qualified Eland Lodge
3rd Amelia Wallace on Ballylennon Classic.- Qualified Eland Lodge
4th Wictoria Lasota on Moon Beck  – Highest placed Scunthorpe and District member
5th Dawn Lock on Mona
6th Lucinda Kidson on Dunc the Hunk.

Class 10 Open- – Elandlodge.com national hunter trial qualifier

1st Michelle Billington on  Pick of the Day – Qualified Eland Lodge


2 Spring Show 2019 Final copy


3. ODE Schedule 2019 Final copy



Results for 16th September 2



Team Show Jumping 2018 schedule 



Area 6 will be holding an Eventing League during 2019 for both individuals and branches at PC80, 90, 100 and 110cms Levels. There is no fee or entry form required and all individuals and their respective branches will be automaticallyincluded in the league for entering the below competitions. Standings will be published each month on the new Area 6 Eventing League page on The Area 6 website (http://branches.pcuk.org/area6/). The aim of the league is to encourage Members to compete at all levels of eventing. All League Classes will be run strictly under 2018 Pony Club Eventing Rules.


Please note further dates may be added if Area 6 branches announce future ODE’S during 2019, also not all the above dates will feature all 4 height sections at their events.

Please check The Pony Club Area 6 website regularly as dates/venues may change due to unforeseen circumstances.



Riders must be Members of an Area 6 Branch of The Pony Club. Open to any horse/rider combination at any level. Riders may ride more than one horse at any or the same level as each horse/rider combination will be awarded points separately.






Area 6 Eventing League Points will be awarded to each horse/rider combination as follows:

All Competitors:





Points will be awarded solely to the finishing place within Area 6 entries. For example should an Area 6 Member finish 2nd to a non-Area 6 member, the Area 6 member would receive the points for first place. This will also be the case in mixed sections of Pony Club and Non Pony Club Members.

All points will be allocated by the League Manager under the scrutiny of The Area Rep.

At the end of The League Series the winner from each height section will be the horse/rider combination with the most points. In the event of a tie the combination with the greatest points accumulated from The Area Competition Sections will be deemed the winner.

The Area Branch League will be determined by the addition of all the points from individuals representing that branch across all four levels, PC80, 90, 100 and 110cms.

Further details regarding Awards will be released during the coming months.



Our last competition of the year was held on Sunday 26th November 2017, Open Team Showjumping, held at Hill House Equestrian Centre. It was a very cold day but we saw some incredibly good riding through all of the classes, well done everyone.


Thank you to all of our helpers, organisers, team managers and our Judge for the day, it was a long one.


Thank you to all of our competitors for joining us for the duration, there were some very well turned out horses and riders and you all supported and congratulated one another as the day progressed, we hope you all enjoyed it and took lots of positives from the day, whether that be success or homework to do for next time.




Equo Logo







We have teamed up with Horse & Hound to provide online event entry for our events at Scunthorpe and District Branch of the Pony Club . This is through Equo Events which allows you to quickly and easily enter events online via a secure payment system using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, wherever you are.

You will also be able to store all your rider and horse details, receive notifications of drawn orders, times and even keep track of your successes through your own rider dashboard as well as being able to view and download invoices and your payment history.

For free registration please visit www.equoevents.com if you need any support from the Equo team, please email equo.events@timeinc.com